Best Free YouTube Shorts Downloader in 2023

Over the past few years, YouTube Shorts has gained immense popularity as a platform for creating and sharing short-form videos. Given the sheer volume of Shorts uploaded every day, it’s unsurprising that many users wish to download and store their favorite videos for future reference.

Nevertheless, YouTube doesn’t provide an official method for downloading Shorts, leaving users with no option but to turn to third-party software. In this article, we’ll be reviewing the best free YouTube Shorts downloaders that are available in 2023. Whether you’re interested in offline viewing or sharing with your loved ones, we have compiled a list of top picks that will cater to your needs.

What Are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts are short videos designed for mobile devices, with a maximum length of 60 seconds. They offer a variety of creative features for creators, such as adding music, text, filters, and adjusting playback speed, all of which can be accessed within the YouTube app.

Like TikTok, YouTube Shorts have a feed that enables users to explore new shorts and interact with other users’ content. By using the Shorts player, viewers can like, dislike, comment, and subscribe to creators’ channels directly. YouTube Shorts have become increasingly popular among creators as a means of sharing their short-form video content, as well as for viewers to discover exciting and innovative videos.

Top Best Free YouTube Shorts Downloader in 2023

If you prefer not to install third-party software on your computer, you can use online YouTube Shorts downloaders to download the videos instead. However, using online services may come with potential risks, so it’s important to take precautions.

Some online YouTube Shorts downloaders offer free downloads of YouTube Shorts. They are:

1. YouTube Shorts Video Downloader

YouTube Shorts Video Downloader

The YouTube Shorts Video Downloader functions like most online video downloaders and allows you to quickly download YouTube Shorts videos without any limits. There’s no need to sign up or log in, and it’s safe from malware or viruses. You can select different video qualities and decide whether to include sound. Simply copy and paste the URL of the YouTube Shorts video into the download box.


The Shortsnoob tool lets you download YouTube Shorts in their original HD quality, and you don’t have to sign up or log in. You can use this website on any device, including PCs, tablets, laptops, and mobiles. One advantage of this online YouTube Shorts downloader is that it claims to offer better video quality than other similar websites.

3. Yt Shorts Video Downloader

Yt Shorts Video Downloader

Yt Shorts Video Downloader is a tool that helps you download videos from various websites, including YouTube, TikTok, DailyMotion, VideosHub, YouKu, and Yahoo. To download a video using this downloader, you simply need to open the Yt Shorts Video Downloader website, click “Download,” and select the format and quality you prefer. Then, click the “Download” button to save the video to your device.

This service has some drawbacks. It may reduce the quality of your video during the download process. Additionally, there are some ads on the screen, which can make it difficult to locate the download button.

4. Davapps YouTube Shorts Video Downloader

Davapps YouTube Shorts Video Downloader

Davapps YouTube Shorts Video Downloader is a free online tool that allows you to download YouTube Shorts videos and photos without any speed limit. It supports almost all devices, browsers, and operating systems, and there are no restrictions on the number of videos you can download. However, the website has some ads on the homepage that may be intrusive while using the downloader. Overall, this tool is average and gets the job done.

5. HeatFeed


HeatFeed is a free and fast online tool that allows you to download high-quality YouTube Shorts. It doesn’t charge any fees, and you don’t need to sign up or log in to use it. Simply copy the URL of the YouTube Shorts video you want to download and paste it into HeatFeed’s address bar. The tool will then synchronize the video and provide you with a download link. You can choose to download the video as an MP4 or MP3 file and enjoy it offline.


Y2mate is a popular site for downloading high-quality YouTube Shorts. No login is required; simply copy and paste the video link and the download will start instantly.


In conclusion, YouTube Shorts are short-form vertical videos that are 60 seconds or less and can be created using YouTube’s built-in creation tools.  There are several online YouTube Shorts downloaders available that allow you to download Shorts for free, but they may come with potential risks such as malware or annoying ads. It’s important to use caution when using these services and consider installing an anti-virus program beforehand.

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