Countik – Newest TikTok Third Party Tool in 2022

TikTok is currently one of the most popular social media platforms. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that TikTok, a simple app accessible from anywhere, has become one of the most widely used platforms for sharing content over the past few years. As a result, many content creators on other platforms have begun to use this short video application.

Nearly 1,000 TikTok-related apps and tools have been released; some are video downloaders, while others offer analytics and TikTok counters. And this is only the beginning of the TikTok ecosystem.

Today we will look at a popular tool that has almost all of the features you require.

How Important are Followers on TikTok

When you try to enter the world of TikTok, your main goal is obviously to have a large number of followers. To gain genuine followers, you must upload videos that are both high in quality and, of course, interesting.

Having more TikTok followers makes you appear more credible. Those looking to build a brand on TikTok must present an authentic, trustworthy image. It allows you to interact with more people and solicit feedback on the account and its posts.

That’s why you should monitor your followers’ growth in real time because it gives you a good idea of whether your content is expanding its reach and catching new people’s attention. See below how to do that.

What is Countik? And How to Use it?

Countik is a real-time website that can check followers on a TikTok account.

The number of followers who increase or decrease will be calculated directly. So that content creators can know how many followers they have on their accounts at any time.

If you are a content creator, you can use Countik’s TikTok counter tool to track the growth of your followers.

For those of you who are very curious about how to use this site, follow the instructions below :

  • First, open the site through your browser.
  • Enter a TikTok account’s username
  • That’s it. Now you can see the followers count updating every 10 seconds.

Countik’s TikTok counter tool shows not only the number of followers but also the number of likes, videos, and followings.

Countik Features ( Tools )

Besides the TikTok counter tool, Countik still has more tools to offer for free; let’s see some of the exciting features or tools of Countik below.

Comparing Between TikTok Accounts

In addition to seeing likes and followers, there is a TikTok follower comparison feature. This means you can compare two TikTok accounts simultaneously.

Later, the difference will be visible in the number of followers and likes gained by the two accounts. This tool is handy for those who want to know your TikTok account’s competitors.

You can also use it to analyze and modify your Tiktok content. As a result, you can compete with other people’s content.

Analyze TikTok Accounts

This is the most exciting feature Countik has to offer since other websites are not offering this tool for free.

This tool requires only a TikTok username to display various analytics and stats about the account that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Some of those analytics: Engagement rates, Average performance ( views ), Average engagement per video, Earnings, and much more …

To Conclude

TikTok provides users with limitless opportunities to post content and gain a lot of engagement, allowing users to forget about their screen-time management!

Countik can only help you understand the big picture a little bit, but what will help you, in the long run, is consistency, originality, and high-quality content, which TikTok prioritizes.

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