How to Check Walmart Gift Card Balance – Steps to Add Walmart Gift Card to Account

Gift cards have gained popularity as a preferred gifting option, and Walmart gift cards offer a convenient means to shop for a wide array of products. However, it’s crucial to maintain awareness of your gift card balance to ensure a smooth shopping experience without any unforeseen surprises.

This guide will take you through a step-by-step process for checking the balance on your Walmart gift card. Whether you opt for the Walmart website or their mobile app, we will furnish you with clear, easy-to-follow instructions to add your Walmart gift card to your account and verify its balance.

How to Check Walmart Gift Card Balance?

1. Using Dialer on your Phone

To inquire about your Walmart gift card balance via phone, please follow these steps:

  • Dial 1-888-537-5503, which will connect you to Walmart’s customer service.
  • Listen attentively to the instructions provided by the customer support system.
  • Select the appropriate option for checking your card balance.
  • Input your gift card number and wait briefly.
  • A customer service representative will provide you with the details of your Walmart gift card balance.

2. Check Walmart Gift Card Balance Online

To verify your gift card balance on the Internet:

  • Go to Walmart’s gift card balance webpage.
  • Input the 16-digit gift card number, followed by the four-digit personal identification number (PIN) as indicated. For electronic gift cards, locate your PIN in the confirmation email.
  • Click on the “Check Balance” button to continue.
  • Press the “Submit” button, and your card’s balance information will be presented.

3. Check At Walmart Store

You can also confirm your Walmart gift card balance by visiting a nearby Walmart store. Here’s how to check your balance in-store:

  • Use the Walmart store locator to locate the closest store. Enter your ZIP code and click the “Search” button.
  • Review the search results and select the store nearest to you.
  • Bring your gift card to the store and approach a customer service representative.
  • Request assistance in checking your card balance, and an employee will provide you with the balance information.

Steps to add Walmart gift card to account

Step 1: Buy a gift card from the store or online

You can get the gift card either at a Walmart store or on their website. Even the reloadable eGiftCards you get from the Savings Catcher program can be added to your account to use for online shopping on their website.

Step 2: Get your gift card ready for use

Gently scratch off the silver covering with a coin or your fingernail. This will reveal a 16-digit card number and a 4-digit PIN. You’ll need both of these numbers to register the card in their system.

Step 3: Open your web browser and go to the Walmart website

Log in using your Walmart online account details. If you’ve previously logged in and closed the window, simply click the “My Account” button in the top right corner of the website to return to where you need to be.

Step 4: Add the gift card

Find and click on the “Gift Card/Bonus Offer Balances” link, located near the center of the page. Then, click the “Add a New Gift Card” link, which is positioned just above the section with any previously added gift cards. You might have forgotten about the cards already in your account.

Step 5: Enter the details

Input the card number from the back of your new gift card into the “Card Number” field and the 4-digit PIN into the “PIN” field. After that, click the “Save” button. Double-check to ensure that the card has been successfully added and that the balance you loaded at the register is displayed on the page that shows all your gift cards.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

1. Gift card not working

Gift card giving you a hard time? Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. First, double-check that you’re typing in the right numbers – they can be sneaky! Also, look for an expiration date on the card.

If it’s past its due date, it’s time to bid farewell to your shopping plans. But if you’re still stuck, reach out to Walmart’s customer service for some pro help. They’ve got the solutions you need.

2. Error messages during gift card addition

Error messages can be a real downer. If you see one while adding your gift card, don’t fret. Jot down the message and any codes it gives you. Then, give it another shot, just in case it’s a tiny hiccup. If the error sticks around, don’t worry. Reach out to Walmart’s customer service, tell them what’s going on, and they’ll sort things out and get you back to enjoying your gift card.


You can easily find out how much money is left on your Walmart gift card by going to the store, using their website, or making a phone call. Knowing your balance is handy to make the most of your money. Remember, the money on your Walmart gift card doesn’t go away, so even if you find an old one, it could still have value.

Also, adding your Walmart gift card to your account is a quick and straightforward process that allows you to conveniently manage your gift card balance. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily access and use your gift card for online purchases at Walmart. Remember to regularly check your updated gift card balance and troubleshoot any common issues that may arise.

Enjoy shopping with your Walmart gift card and make the most of your next purchase!

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