How to Fix Google Play Services Keeps Stopping Issue

Google Play is one of the largest and well-known Android stores, with over a million Android games and apps for users worldwide. This Android store is used for downloading apps and games by Android users.

It offers something for every user as per their overall needs and wants. Some of the apps are free to use, and you do not have to pay anything to use them at all. If you are also using Google Play, then you will be aware of its merits to the users while downloading any apps for sure.

Nowadays, there is an issue of Google play services keeps stopping, which is annoying and depressing for users worldwide. Google play crashing or not working may not be something strange to most Android users. It is common to experience such issues while trying to download anything later on.

If you are also facing the same issues, you do not have to bother much about it now. You will be glad by knowing that here you would come to know about useful and helpful steps which you can try for fixing your Google play issues for sure

Things to consider for fixing Google Play keeps crashing or stopping issues

Following are the few troubleshooting methods to fix the Google Play Services Keeps Stopping Issue.

Restart your device

One of the most important steps you need to follow to overcome the Google play service keeping stopping issue. It may sound familiar or common to you, but you should not avoid it under any circumstances. Instead, it would be better for you to restart your device and check if it is working or not. You should note that restarting your device and back on again can help fix most of your problems.

Steps to restart your device

  • Just hold down the power button of your Android device and press on Shutdown menu
  • Select the power down icon
  • After shutting it off, you can start it back up by holding the power button again
  • At last, you need to check if your issue is solved by using the Google Play store again

Update your Play Store and Google Services

You may have issues with your Google Play store if you are not updating it regularly and just using it without doing anything. You need to understand that an outdated version will surely impact the performance of your Google Play store, and you should try to check updates to fix the issue.

  • First, you need to open the Google Play store and select “your profile icon” by going through the top-right of the Play Store
  • Now, you should select Manage apps & devices, and you will see a pending list of all the outdated apps. Just click on update all for downloading the latest updates of all those apps
  • At last, just restart your device and turn it on again to see your Google Play store.

Focus on your internet connection

If you are facing issues with your internet connection, it might be a reason your Google Play keeps crashing or not working for sure. To make things work smoothly for you, you should try changing from Cellular Data to Wi-Fi. If you are using Wi-Fi, you can go for cellular data and try running Google Play store on it.

Change Date and Time

You can face issues with your Google Play store if your date and time settings are not up to date. Make sure you are focusing more on date and time and putting the right one. To do so, always follow the below steps.

  • First, you need to select settings and choose a system from your phone
  • Now, there will be an option to select Date and Time, and you need to select it
  • You should choose to Use the network-provided time to make things work
  • At last, just restart your device and see if it works

Clear Cache and Data from Google Play Store

Have you cleared the cache and data from the Google play store? If no, then you should do it right without any second thought. It is vital to remove cache and data to fix Google play services that have stopped the problem.

  • First, you need to go to the settings
  • After going to settings, you need to select storage and then internal store
  • Now you need to tap apps, and then the phone will show all the apps on your device
  • You should tap on Google Play services
  • Select clear cache and restart your app again.
  • If still, you are facing the same issue, then clear data stored on your play store
  • Just select manage space and then clear your all data

Clear Cache from Download Manager

After clearing the cache from the Google Play store, if you are still facing the problem, you should clear the cache from Download Manager. You should note that clearing cache from the download manager is another helpful way to free up space from your device.

It is important if your phone is out of space in storage as low storage can also affect the performance of your play store for sure Here are the steps you need to follow for clearing cache from the download manager.

  • First, you need to go to the settings
  • Then you should go to storage
  • Now you need to click on apps
  • All the apps on your phone will be listed
  • At last, you need to choose the apps you want and tap on “clear cache”

Finally, you are totally aware of the vital things you need to do to fix the Google play store’s stopping issues. All the above-mentioned steps are very useful in getting rid of your play store issues. Make sure you are focusing on every step before moving further to another one. Just use these steps and share your valuable experiences here with us right now!

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