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In today’s fast-paced digital world, parents face numerous challenges in keeping their children safe and ensuring their well-being. The ever-expanding realm of technology poses unique risks and concerns that demand effective solutions. Enter Parentaler, a revolutionary app designed specifically to empower parents in navigating the digital landscape with confidence and ease.

In this article, we will provide an in-depth review of Parentaler, exploring its key features, benefits, and overall effectiveness in assisting parents in safeguarding their children online.

What is Parentaler App?

Parentaler App

As parents, it is only natural to have a keen interest in understanding the happenings of our children’s lives. This curiosity becomes even more significant when dealing with teenagers who often prefer to keep things to themselves. While we may hope that our child is an exception and possesses the wisdom to avoid trouble, statistics often indicate otherwise.

Parentaler is a cutting-edge software solution designed to prioritize your children’s online safety. With its advanced monitoring capabilities, the app allows you to keep a watchful eye on your kids’ online activities, providing you with customized alerts whenever any concerning situations arise. By leveraging Parentaler, you can effectively shield your children from potential dangers and experience a heightened sense of peace and security.

Features of Parentaler

Features of Parentaler

Parentaler sets a new standard for digital monitoring with its robust Internet safety features. Unlike other popular parental apps such as Google Family Link or Bark, which prioritize a non-intrusive approach to monitoring, Parentaler offers a standout advantage by providing access to the content of chats and search queries. This comprehensive insight allows parents to have a more complete understanding of their children’s online interactions.

In addition to its content monitoring capabilities, Parentaler offers a range of powerful tools to enhance parental control. Location tracking enables parents to keep tabs on their child’s whereabouts, ensuring their safety both online and offline. The app’s Internet filtering feature allows parents to establish boundaries by blocking inappropriate or harmful content. Furthermore, Parentaler empowers parents to manage app usage by blocking specific applications as needed.

1. Location Tracking

Location Tracking

Parentaler offers an essential solution for modern parents concerned about their child’s safety. Its advanced GPS tracking feature allows you to monitor your child’s whereabouts accurately and in real-time. Whether they are at parks or playgrounds, Parentaler’s GPS feature keeps you informed about your child’s movements seamlessly.

But Parentaler’s location tracking goes beyond GPS monitoring. It includes a unique geofencing feature that takes child safety to the next level. You can create “safe zones” by defining geographical boundaries. Instant alerts will be sent to you whenever your child enters or exits these designated zones.

Whether it’s school, a friend’s house, or a ballet class, you can set boundaries according to your preferences with this geofencing feature. The user-friendly interface allows you to customize the geofencing feature to meet your family’s specific needs. You can create multiple safe zones for different locations and adjust them as required.

With this proactive alert system, Parentaler ensures that you stay one step ahead in ensuring your child’s safety.

2. Messengers, Social Media Networks, and Emails

Social Media Network Parentaler

Parentaler stands out in its ability to monitor social media platforms, messaging apps, and default messengers effortlessly. The app seamlessly connects to popular platforms like iMessage, Android Messages, WhatsApp, Kik, Viber, Line, Hangouts, Skype, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Here’s what Parentaler can observe across social media, messaging apps, and email services:

  • Message content: You can read both sent and received texts, complete with timestamps. The app even retrieves encrypted messages from secret chats, as we discovered during our testing.
  • Calls: Parentaler allows you to view calls made through default apps and messengers. It also provides a convenient filtering system, enabling you to sort the data by call type, duration, and time.
  • Contact information: You can access contact details such as numbers, names, email addresses, and photos associated with your child’s contacts, including their social media friends.
  • Shared media: Parentaler presents the complete picture by displaying full-size images and videos shared across instant messengers, social media platforms, and email services.

3. Extra Features

  • Photo and Video: Easily view and browse through the photos and videos stored on your child’s phone, and save them if needed, for a comprehensive understanding of their media content.
  • Keyword Alerts: Set up a list of inappropriate or restricted words and receive alerts whenever your child uses them in conversations or web searches, helping you stay informed about their online activities.
  • Screen Capture: Capture screenshots of your child’s screen to get a closer look at their chats, browser activity, and more. Access all the captured screenshots conveniently in your dashboard whenever you want.
  • Calendar: Check your child’s calendar to stay updated on their plans and whereabouts, ensuring you have a clear understanding of their scheduled activities.

The application also tracks posts, comments, and even self-destructing messages. By installing the Parentaler app on your device, the software captures screenshots of the target devices at regular intervals. This feature allows you to review deleted content within the “Screen Recorder” tab.

4. Internet Filtering and App Blocking

Internet Filtering and App Blocking Parentaler

Parentaler effortlessly monitors and tracks the websites visited on the target device, offering you detailed information such as links, titles, and bookmarked content. If you come across any harmful resources, you can promptly restrict them by adding the link to the blacklist.

Additionally, Parentaler includes a useful feature that sets it apart from other monitoring apps: the ability to block an entire domain, eliminating the need for manually adding individual pages.

Similar to its website-blocking capabilities, Parentaler empowers you with the ability to control and restrict access to any installed apps on the target device. Whether it’s a game or a social media platform, you have the power to conveniently block specific apps using the dedicated “block” button for each one. With Parentaler, you can effectively manage and regulate your child’s app usage for a safer and more balanced digital experience.

Furthermore, Parentaler provides a Wi-Fi connection blocker. With this feature, you can easily disable Internet access when your children exceed their allotted screen time, helping you maintain control over their online activities.

5. Smart Alerts

Parentaler’s parental control app reviews frequently commend its alert system for detecting flagged keywords used in chats. However, this app goes beyond mere text message notifications. It also provides alerts regarding changes in your child’s location, their search queries, and other device activities.

The best part is that you can receive these alerts even without being logged into the app. Parentaler ensures that you stay informed and aware of your child’s digital activities effortlessly.

Parentaler: Pricing and Compatibility

Parentaler offers three pricing options designed to accommodate your needs and budget. You can choose from the following subscription plans: monthly ($42.69 per month), 3 months ($24.40 per month), and yearly ($10.17 per month, billed at $121.99 instead of $199.99). To access the app’s features and services, a subscription is required, which can be renewed after each term.

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted as payment methods for the premium package. While there is no coupon or discount code field during checkout, all plans are already priced at a discounted rate, ensuring value for your investment without the need for additional codes.


Parentaler, despite being a newcomer in the market, presents several notable advantages that set it apart from similar apps. Here are the key advantages:

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Parentaler seamlessly operates on both iOS and Android devices, providing an identical set of features and tools for both operating systems.
  • Quick Installation: The app offers multiple installation modes, each accompanied by clear and user-friendly instructions, ensuring a swift and hassle-free setup process.
  • Quiet Monitoring: Parentaler operates discreetly in the background mode, remaining undetectable on the target device. This makes it an excellent option for monitoring older children and teenagers without intrusion.
  • Around-the-Clock Support: Subscribing to Parentaler grants you access to 24/7 live customer support in multiple languages, ensuring that you receive assistance and guidance whenever you need it.

These advantages position Parentaler as a reliable choice in the market, catering to the diverse needs of parents seeking efficient and comprehensive monitoring solutions for their children’s digital activities.