Private Instagram Viewer Apps With No Survey and Verification in 2021

Instagram is a full-time entertainer. From stories to reel, Instagram is a big blowup for anyone looking for a great platform. But, there’s one feature that bars all the interests of the users. The feature of having a private account is that it bars people from seeing the account activity. It is a good thing, though, for people who like to maintain their privacy and activities low-key.

But, if you feel like you are missing out on all the spice, and want to be a secret spectator, here’s something that you should know. You can use the private Instagram viewer and see the private account activity and stories. While you are looking for other Instagram profiles, make sure to safeguard your Instagram Account from being hacked by someone too.

List of Applications for Viewing Private Instagram Accounts Without Human Verification and No Survey

Here are the 15+ best private Instagram viewer Apps for you to try and record your experience.

1. Gwaa

Gwaa is another private Instagram viewer app that offers the option to view the private Instagram account without any complication. Simply click on the View Private Instagram button available on the homepage to view the profile. Next, you need to enter the username of the Instagram account to view the profile details. This tool can make wonders. Apropos of wonders, another third-party source that you can consider as the best place to buy followers on Instagram, it’ll fix up your social presence in no time.

2. Private Insta

Private Insta is the first one on the list of the private Instagram viewer that works wonders. If you wish to get access to people’s photos and videos without letting them know or following one, Private Insta has your back. Get yourself a unique username and click on submit. There’s no need for you to go on a guilt trip or worry about anything going wrong. You are doing everything under Instagram’s terms of service and conditions.

3. View Private Photos

View private photos will help you view private Instagram without human verification. It is a fabulous tool that will help you access private accounts and survey all the happenings with a single click. While visiting the application, you will see the option of ‘view private Instagram now.’ Go to this and follow the steps. The process is easy, and there’s no need for you to install anything on your mobile phone, laptop, or PC.

4. Istaprivate

Next up on this list is IstaPrivate. As the name suggests, this application will help you get through some amazing private accounts you wish to have a look at. For example, suppose you are scrolling on Instagram and coming across this amazing account with a cool profile picture. But, it ends up being private and, hence, bars you from viewing the same.

So, you can enter the profile URL on this page and move forward by clicking on View Profile.

5. Ghostegro

Available for all android users, the Ghostegro application is a must-try. Apart from saving Instagram profile stories of different accounts, this application will help you hide your profile and see your profile visitors. You can also download both photos and videos that will directly take place in the gallery on your phone. Also, what’s better than having the opportunity of reposting the same on your Instagram account?

6. Insta Spy

Insta Spy is another Instagram private profile viewer that acts just like a spy. However, using this application is safe and easy, which helps you enter the world of private Instagram accounts. Visit this application and follow a simple step of entering the username of the private account you wish to get and enjoy access to. But, note that you will only be able to view and not edit or do anything else.

7. Watch Insta

Are you looking for an easy-breezy way to watch all the happenings of private accounts? Then, Watch Insta is your sure short answer.

You need not download Watch Insta to watch the stories and posts of accounts you don’t follow or are private. Instead, go to their website, choose ‘Access private profile viewer’, and move forward with the steps. The functioning is very easy.

8. InstaRipper

If you are looking for a super comfortable Instagram private account viewer, this can be your pick. Rolling out the password hacking feature, you can recover your account. Also, you can see the posts and stories of other accounts. Download this application on your laptop or PC, and try out different possible password patterns. If you get your hands on the latest application update, you will use the full bulletproof layer. This feature will enable the automatic blocking of any patch that manages to take place in the security system of this creative social media platform.

9. Insta Looker

Your search for a private Instagram viewer goes on with Insta Looker. There’s no need for any human expertise to use this application as the default settings care for everything. This application’s server is unique and promises a great user experience. However, specifications can be a miss while accessing any private or public accounts.

A unique panel awaits you to view by providing you with the option to export the posts. No one will get to know about it so. You need not worry. Neither your spying cover plan will blow nor will your account be subject to reporting or blocking.

10. IGExclusive

Coming up next on the list is IGExclusive private Instagram viewer. Going by the name, this application is truly exclusive in functioning and its offerings. Who does not like spying free of cost, a superb application that helps you with the same?

Brace yourself to get access to the posts and pictures of various Instagram accounts within a minute of using this application. The steps are as simple as a cakewalk. Just enter the private account’s username and view their Instagram profile pictures.

11. Like Creeper

Like Creeper is one of the best private Instagram viewer applications that work with a sleek user interface. Enter the username to which you want to access, and the account will be a part of your phone or laptop screen. With so many options, you have the right to choose any reel, picture, story, IGTV video, and much more to view. So you can sit back and relax while seeing this application render a seamless and effortless experience to you.

This application serves you with some amazing and creative ideas that might turn beneficial for your Instagram account’s posts and reels, as well.

12. Private Viewer Insta

Coming up next on the list is private viewer Insta. The steps of using this application to view private Instagram without human verification are simple. First, visit the website, and you will find the option of ‘View Private Instagram.’ Next, you will get a redirection to a new window popping up. In this window, you’ll find a search box. In this box, enter the account’s username and then click the option of ‘check username.’ Finally, you are good to entertain the insights of the accounts you like the most without following.

13. Image Rocket

Another Instagram private profile viewer is available in the form of Image Rocket. It is a new one in the market but is worth a try, for sure. It is a free application, and you need not install anything to access the private Instagram accounts. If you like any of the pictures or videos belonging to any account, you have the option of downloading the same on your device.

14. Feedsta

If you are unsure about trying any new application and go by people’s popular choice, Feedsta is a great pick for you. Having years of experience in business, this is nothing short of a spying blessing for all android users. You can silently keep a check on the happening of the private account of your choice. You need not follow any of the accounts on which you need to keep a check. It is a secure application that presents to you an interesting collection of posts, videos, and reels to choose from and view.

15. Instagram ReVAMPED

Are you falling short of suggestions to close your search for an Instagram private account viewer?

Don’t worry as this list aces to cover all your requirements in the best possible way.

Let’s move on to the next application that is Instagram ReVAMPED. After going through a series of tests and processes, this application wins the trust and faith of the users. It is a free application that takes you on a virtual tour of the private accounts you wish to have a look at. A perfect and secure pick, this application manages to keep your identity a secret by taking you through the vibrant happenings of any private account.

16. IGLookup

The last one on our list of the best applications that will help you view private Instagram accounts is IGLookup. This application emerges as an absolute winner as it is one of the easiest and most comfortable applications to use. The first step is to visit the website and choose ‘click spy now’ available to view the private accounts. Then, enter the username of the private account and maintain your excitement until the results are out.


Patience is the key when you are opting for the explicit functions of any Instagram private viewer. There’s an array of resources that are present to aid your wish to access private Instagram accounts. With these available tools to help you meet your stalking goals, try and maintain secrecy by not letting out anyone’s private information. The world of social media is home to fun applications. With the availability of both problems and solutions, they have a long way to go as a part of the entertainment industry.

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