The Big List of 20 Most Popular Google Doodles

Google has a two-decade-old experience in helping people get information about anything and everything. The deeply involved search engine has something for everyone, so it is at the top of our list whenever we need to find something.

Google serves you with creativity, and a person cannot stop admiring the doodles that pop up on special occasions and events. But what if you come across Google Easter Eggs? The mighty secret that Google has managed to keep away from us for all these years now.

If you are unaware of the concept, here is a statement to rescue you. An easter egg is a delicious yet virtual resort that works as an international hidden feature or message like any computer webpage, video game, movie, cross book, etc.

Yes, Google is not as an open book as it seems!

Be it Google’s hype dwelling with each passing day or the curiosity to decode its stomach-tickling inside jokes, features, and hidden messages, the Easter Eggs are the mastermind behind it.

I am pretty sure that you are as obsessed as us. So, don’t let your curiosity deflate here, as this blog has something more in store for you. Here is a comprehensive list of the Google Easter Eggs 2022.

Blink HTML

The first one on the list is Blink HTML. It is one of the most captivating easter eggs provided by the Google search engine. It allows the text and images to flash on and off continuously. Just type [Blink HTML] on your web browser and enjoy the result to activate this feature.

Bletchley Park

This one is a little different. The moment you type ‘Bletchley Park’ on Google’s search box, the search engine’s knowledge panel will decode the place and display its location with the help of the famous Google Maps feature.

Feeling Curious

Don’t go by its literal name and let the overthinking bugs bother you. This Easter Egg has all the fun facts for users who cannot keep calm while searching for them on the Google Search Engine.

Whether you are a fan of trivia questions or not, this one is popular for its helpful approach. So, here is what you need to do. First, go to the search box and type ‘I’m feeling curious.

The result will be that you will see a random question pop up on the screen. If you do it every day, you’ll get to learn new things every day with the answers.

Server Status 418. I’m a Teapot

The next one is Server Status 418, which promises easy access to the page. Designed for both the SEO geeks and the server, it serves as a response code.

It has existed as an April Fools Joke since 1998. It is one of the most prominent ones put forward by Google. There were no implementation thoughts, but Google approached it anyway.

Roll A Die

The discussion for the Google Easter Eggs is incomplete without mentioning Roll A Die. If you have a thing for gambling, Google has done justice to your taste by introducing this in the market. You have to do simple steps like typing its name in the search box.

Don’t lose your heart if you are unable to find it. Instead, try searching for ‘roll dice.’ The big G will roll the die on your behalf, and the result will be one out of the six.

Fun Facts

How can Google break its norm of helping the users with something new, crisp, engaging, and fun every day? Be it the most bizarre questions like – At what age do the height or other body parts like the nose and ear stop growing? Or anything informative.

You’ll get your hands on anything you enter into the search engine’s search box.

Flip a coin

Have you ever struggled to come to a fair conclusion while tossing the coins?
Replace your real-time coin flipping method with Google’s virtual Flip a coin. Get fair results instantly. Type flip a coin on your chrome browser and know if it is your turn.


Let Google do all the calculations, converting USD to euros or solving any mathematical conversion. Google has an integrated feature, Converter, which allows you to get results as soon as you click the search button. So type your conversion statement in the browser and enjoy the results.

Google Gravity

The next one does justice to its name in every possible way.

Have you ever seen words on Google search results floating due to a lack of gravitational pull?

It is one of the tricks that Google can perform. Go to Google homepage, type Google Gravity, and hit I feel lucky. You will see your search results dancing in the air.

Play Solitaire

Solitaire is a very common game that has been a part of your PCs and computers since we have seen computers. The historic card game owes its development to the mid-18th century. The names were changed now and then, but this did not harm its popularity.

You need to follow simple steps like searching it on Google and opening the suitable links in any desktop browser for a better user experience.


Let’s break the suspense for you. The search engine’s result will tilt your screen when you search for’ askew. Not literally, but virtually, for sure. The Google Easter Eggs 2021 is incomplete without the results of ‘askew.’ When you search for something else, the screen returns to normal.

Marquee HTML

The next one on the line is Marquee HTML. It is one such hidden feature you will come across by Google in the form of this Easter Egg. It moves the search results from left to the right by default. Just type [marquee tag/html] and witness fascinating changes on your browser.

Tic-tac-toe or Terni Lapilli

It doesn’t matter whether it’s tic tac toe or Terni Lapilli. The Romans discovered this game and named it Terni Lapilli. So Google “tic tac toe” and prefer to play it with impossible difficulty with your friend or the computer.

Color Picker

Many web developers and designers struggle to find an accurate color out of the wide range of colors available. More importantly, finding the correct color code is a challenge.

Google web browser solves the challenge. Just type Hex/RGB/CMYK color picker and hit the search button. Then, make use of the color and color codes available to you.

I m Feeling lucky

The popular search engine Google has enabled a feature on its browser’s home page. As soon as you search for something and hit the, I m feeling lucky button. It will take you to the most relevant results. It is a boon for people searching complex queries as they are provided with quick and relevant developments.

Google in 1998

Whenever one wants to feel nostalgic, he can Google search “google in 1998” and find the classy SERP pages reminding him how Google’s graphic interface looked.

Play Atari Breakout in Google Images

This one will help you kill your boredom in all the right ways. Visit the Google search engine page and search ‘Atari breakout.’ You can navigate the paddle by using the mouse and arrow keys correctly.

Nutrition info

Are you a fitness freak who calculates calories for every bite of your food? Google buddy will help you find the approximate calories and nutritional information at every step. For example, type the name of a fruit: vegetable/meal and add the keyword “nutrition” at the end. Then, hit the search button and get the desired result.


If you ever feel bored during a class or a meeting, type snake on your chrome browser and hit search. It will give you nostalgia. You can play a snake game wherein it eats the apple and gets more extensive as it consumes its feed. Make sure not to let it bite its tail. Play your favorite snake game whenever you feel stuck at work and refresh your mind.

Spelling Number

Let us end with the list with a mathematical tinge. Ever have trouble spelling a long numeric value? Worry not. Type the “value” = English and get the numeric value in English words.


The Google Easter egg games light the spark that turns into blazing fires for people trying to know about it. Some Easter eggs have phrases that coincide with global events and festivals, while others are for complete fun and entertainment.

You can search for them and find them anytime based on your convenience. The Easter eggs are both smart and bone-tickling. They might need you to do some head-scratching as well. But, as they say, all is well that ends well. The Easter Eggs are one of the most amazing google secrets that you’ll love to explore.

So check the ones on this list and enjoy the fun and enjoyable things that the Google Search Engine has in store for you and other tech-savvy people.

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