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In recent years, cloud gaming has emerged as a game-changing technology that has revolutionized how people play video games. Cloud gaming platforms offer gamers the ability to play high-quality games on various devices, without the need for high-end hardware. As we move into 2023, cloud gaming platforms have become increasingly popular and continue to evolve, offering gamers an even more immersive gaming experience.

In this article, we will be listing the best cloud gaming platforms available in 2023, and providing an in-depth analysis of their features, advantages, and drawbacks. Whether you are a casual gamer or a serious gaming enthusiast, this article will help you choose the right cloud gaming platform for your needs.

What Is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud gaming is a type of gaming where instead of playing games on a local device such as a console, PC, or mobile phone, games are streamed over the internet and played on remote servers. In cloud gaming, the game is run on a server in a data center and the video and audio are streamed to the player’s device over the internet.

This allows players to enjoy high-quality games on devices that might not otherwise be capable of running. Cloud gaming services typically require a reliable and fast internet connection, as any lag or latency in the connection can negatively impact gameplay. Some examples of cloud gaming services include Google Stadia, GeForce Now, Amazon Luna, and Microsoft Cloud.

Best Cloud Gaming Platforms in 2023

Cloud gaming is a new trend in gaming that is gaining popularity among individuals and companies. One of the main benefits of cloud gaming is that expensive gaming hardware and software are not required anymore. Instead, you can rent the required resources from the cloud and play games on any device.

This helps save money on buying games and accessories as they are already included in the package. Cloud gaming also saves space on your device and allows you to play games without worrying about connectivity or compatibility issues. Cloud gaming ensures a seamless and smooth gaming experience regardless of your location.

1. PlayStation Now

PlayStation Now Cloud Gaming Platform

Sony and Gaikai’s PlayStation Now, a subscription-based gaming service, received mixed reviews upon its launch earlier this year. While the service offers many games at an affordable price, the rental system it uses can be inconvenient for some users. However, Sony is introducing new features to make the gaming experience on PlayStation Now more convenient.

The most significant feature is that users can now access their PlayStation 4 game library from anywhere globally. This means players can enjoy their favorite games regardless of their location. This feature will soon be available to all PlayStation Now subscribers with an active subscription. Sony is also working on making PS3 games playable on PS4s and streaming older PS2 titles.

2. Nvidia Geforce Now

Nvidia Geforce Now Cloud Gaming Platform

Nvidia Geforce Now is a new service that allows you to stream games from your PC to your Android phone and TV. This service was announced at the Game Developers Conference and will soon be available on the Google Play Store. To use the service, you need a GeForce NOW subscription, which costs $9.99 per month or $79 per year.

However, it is not clear yet if PC-based games will be available on Nvidia Geforce Now. This service works by streaming game data directly from your PC over Wi-Fi to an Android device or TV using your PC’s GeForce graphics card. Then, it sends the data back to your mobile device over Bluetooth.

3. Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna Cloud Gaming Platform

Amazon Luna is a cloud gaming service that allows users to play video games on various devices, including PC, Macs, Fire TVs, and iOS devices. It’s designed to offer a seamless gaming experience, with low latency and high-quality graphics.

Users can subscribe to Luna and access a library of games, or they can purchase individual games to play on the service. Luna also offers a dedicated Luna controller, which is designed to reduce latency and enhance the gaming experience.

4. Playkey

Playkey Cloud Gaming Platform

PLAYKEY is a gaming platform that allows players to win real money by playing games and winning prizes. It has a unique token called “PLAY” that can be used within the platform. Playkey combines blockchain technology, smart contracts, and artificial intelligence to create an ecosystem where gamers can play together and win money without interference from third parties.  By using Playkey’s gaming technology, players can improve their efficiency and competitiveness in the global gaming industry.

Playkey is a platform that supports multiple cryptocurrencies, so you can use your preferred currency to exchange on the platform. You can convert your cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and others to ETH instantly, and back again, at any time. Playkey also ensures the safety of its customers’ funds by using the latest security standards and a dedicated support team available 24/7/365 to handle all transactions, protecting its customers from hackers and scammers.

5. Blacknut

Blacknut Cloud Gaming Platform

Blacknut is a cloud gaming platform that offers a library of more than 300 games for a subscription fee. It is designed for families, with parental control options and a four-person family plan available. With Blacknut, users can play games on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs, without the need for high-end hardware.

The platform also offers a free trial to new users. Blacknut is a unique and convenient solution for those who want to get into cloud gaming and have access to a diverse range of games. The platform has been operating since 2015, but advertising services were recently added after starting off slowly to understand the user base.


The market for cloud gaming services has grown significantly in recent years, with many companies competing for a share of the market. One of the main players is Amazon GameLift, which offers game developers the ability to store their games and assets in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and render them on-demand using an API. Amazon GameLift also provides developers with a secure player database that includes high-quality 3D models for rendering.