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BSNL, one of India’s leading telecom service providers, offers various features and services to its customers. Among these, GP1 and GP2 are two important concepts that every BSNL user should be aware of. In this article, we will dive deep into the meaning of GP1 and GP2, their significance, and how they affect your BSNL connection.

What is GP1 in BSNL?

GP1, or Grace Period 1, is a feature provided by BSNL to its prepaid customers. It refers to the period that starts immediately after the expiry of your current validity plan. During GP1, which lasts for 7 days, you can still enjoy certain services, even though your main validity has ended. Here are some key points about GP1:

  1. GP1 begins on the day following the expiry of your current validity plan.
  2. It lasts for a period of 7 days.
  3. During GP1, you can receive incoming calls and SMS messages.
  4. However, you cannot make outgoing calls or send SMS messages during this period.
  5. If you recharge your account during GP1, your main balance and benefits will be carried forward.
  6. If you fail to recharge within the GP1 period, your main balance will be forfeited, and you will enter GP2.

What is GP2 in BSNL?

GP2, or Grace Period 2, is the second stage of the grace period offered by BSNL. It comes into effect if you do not recharge your account during the GP1 period. GP2 provides you with an extended opportunity to reactivate your BSNL connection before it gets permanently deactivated. Here are some important aspects of GP2:

  1. GP2 starts on the 8th day after your validity plan expires, i.e., immediately after the end of GP1.
  2. It lasts for a period of 165 days.
  3. During GP2, you cannot make or receive calls, send or receive SMS messages, or use mobile data.
  4. Your BSNL connection is essentially inactive during this period.
  5. If you recharge your account during GP2, your connection will be reactivated, and you can start using BSNL services again.
  6. If you fail to recharge within the GP2 period, your BSNL connection will be permanently deactivated, and you may lose your mobile number.

How to Recharge During GP1 and GP2

To avoid losing your main balance and to continue using BSNL services, it is crucial to recharge your account during the GP1 period. You can recharge your BSNL connection using various methods:

  1. Online recharge through the BSNL website or mobile app
  2. Offline recharge at BSNL customer service centers or authorized retailers
  3. Using USSD codes for quick and easy recharge

If you miss recharging during GP1 and your connection enters GP2, you can still reactivate it by recharging your account within the 165-day period. However, it is advisable to recharge during GP1 to avoid any interruption in services.

FAQs about GP1 and GP2 in BSNL

Q: Can I make emergency calls during GP1 or GP2?

A: Yes, you can make emergency calls to designated numbers like 100, 101, 102, etc., even during GP1 and GP2.

Q: Will I lose my mobile number if I don’t recharge during GP2?

A: Yes, if you fail to recharge your BSNL connection within the GP2 period, your number may be permanently deactivated, and you may lose it.

Q: Can I retrieve my main balance if I recharge during GP2?

A: No, if you recharge during GP2, your main balance from the previous plan will be forfeited. You will only have access to the benefits of the new recharge plan.

Q: How can I check my BSNL balance and validity?

A: You can check your BSNL balance and validity using USSD codes, the BSNL mobile app, or by logging into your BSNL account on the official website.


Understanding GP1 and GP2 is essential for every BSNL user to ensure uninterrupted services and avoid losing their main balance or mobile number. By recharging your account during the GP1 period, you can carry forward your benefits and continue using BSNL services without any hassle. If you happen to miss the GP1 deadline, you still have the GP2 period to reactivate your connection, but it’s always better to be proactive and recharge on time. Keep track of your validity dates and recharge options to make the most of your BSNL connection.

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