Kannada Converter / Kannada Translator

Kannada Converter is a free tool that will help you to convert english to Kannada. It also can be used as a local language translation for Kannada using the free typing tool.

English to Kannada / Kannada Converter tool, Type your text in the left box below, it will automatically convert the text to Kannada to the right box. The Kannada converter tool will also show the available suggestions. You can select one of the available text if the automatically added text is not accurate. Once done, you can copy the translated text to clipboard and use it anywhere..

Follow the steps to translate the text in your preferred language.

  • 1.Type your text in the above box.
  • 2.Words will be automatically translated to your language of preference.
  • 3.If you found any word which is not tarnslated correctly, simple hit the backspace on your keyboard. You will get some word suggestion from which you can select based on your choice.
  • 4.Once completed, click on the 'Copy Text' button on the top of the box. The translated text will be automatically copied to clipboard.
  • 5.Now, you can paste the copied text anywhere.

Is this kannada translation tool is free to use?

Yes, the kannada converter tool is free to use, and there is no restriction at all.

Can I translate English to kannada this online tool?

This tool is based on the google translation tool, and hence it can only translate a text you entered into English. It converts the English text into kannada.

Can I save my converted kannada text to my PC?

We have given a copy option on the screen. You can copy your converted kannada text to any application, notepad, or any other tool using the copy option.

Is there any registration or login needed to translate text to kannada?

Absolutely no, the kannada translation tool is entirely free, and you can use the converter without any registration or login.

Can I download the kannada converter and use it on my windows or mac machine?

You can use a kannada converter or your windows, mac, android, and iPhone devices. However, it is an online tool, and currently, there is no download option available. However, you can visit our website on your browser and directly use the device even without any additional browser extension.

Can I use the kannada translator on my mobile?

You may already notice that the google translation doesn't work well on mobile devices. But our free kannada typing tool works well on both Android and iOS devices.

Use of the Language Translation Tool

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