Realtime Update of Covid Vaccine Availability from the Selected Centers

See the real-time data on vaccine availability from your selected centers. The centers listed below are your preferred centers, and you can see the live vaccine slot availability.

On this page, you can see the vaccine availability from your preferred centers only. The data will be automatically updated every 10 seconds, no need to refresh the page. However, if needed, you can do it using the 'Refresh' button.

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Please select your preferred centers first. To do so, click on the 'Select Center' button below, and from the Vaccine Search page, click on the center name as per your choice from your district. Once selected, you can see that center in highlighted color. After that, you can visit this page to see the vaccine availability from your selected centers.

Select Centers

My Preferred Vaccine Centers at

Following are the preferred centers in your district. The details listed below are taken from the public API provided by the CoWIN official website, and if you found any available slot, you can book your appointment from the CoWIN portal.

Total Available: 0 1st Dose: 0 2nd Dose: 0

Kerala Covid Vaccine Alert

Note: We developed this tool to quickly find the vaccination center without login into the CoWIN portal using OTP all the time. The data displayed is taken from the official CoWIN portal and is updated in real-time. We are not offering any registration and appointments. This tool is only to find the center quickly, and you can take the appointment from the official CoWIN portal itself.

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