Send WhatsApp Message Without Saving Phone Number

Use the below form to send Whatsapp messages to any number even without saving them to your Contacts. If you do so, you can chat with any number without showing your profile picture, status etc (if privacy is not set to public) to that number.

How to send WhatsApp Message without saving the number?

Step 1: Select the country. If the phone number is an Indian number, you need to select India. By default, India is selected.

Step 2: Enter the phone number in the below field. Since you selected the Country, the International code will be added automatically before the number. Please don't remove it.

WhatsApp requires the number to be in international format. So it is important to have the country code before the number. For example, If you wish to send a message to an Indian number (9412345678), you should enter the number 91 in the beginning. ie 919412345678 where 91 is the international code of India. No need to enter any Zero (00) or plus sign (+) before the number.

Step 3: Next, enter any message (optional) and click the 'Start WhatsApp Chat' button.

Step 4: It will automatically open up your WhatsApp and you and chat with that particular number.

Note: We are not monitoring, processing, and storing any data including the phone number and the message you have entered. We are using WhatsApp's public API to initiate the chat for you. This tool was developed only to make the process simple. Alternatively, you can directly call the WhatsApp public API on the browser URL.

Please note that this tool was developed in order to start a WhatApp chat easily and without saving a phone number. It doesn't mean that your phone number will not be visible to the other person. Your number will be shown to another person as it is a default WhatsApp option. It doesn't mean that you can chat with anyone anonymously.