Colorado Zip Code List, Zip codes from the state of Colorado

Following are the list of all the zip codes from the state Colorado. Click on the Zip code to see the details of each zip code from Colorado.

Zip Code Type City County
80001 PO BOX Arvada Jefferson County
80003 STANDARD Arvada Jefferson County
80004 STANDARD Arvada Jefferson County
80005 STANDARD Arvada Jefferson County
80006 PO BOX Arvada Jefferson County
80007 STANDARD Arvada Jefferson County
80013 STANDARD Aurora Arapahoe County
80015 STANDARD Aurora Arapahoe County
80017 STANDARD Aurora Arapahoe County
80018 STANDARD Aurora Arapahoe County
80019 STANDARD Aurora Adams County
80020 STANDARD Broomfield Broomfield County
80021 STANDARD Broomfield Jefferson County
80022 STANDARD Commerce City Adams County
80024 PO BOX Dupont Adams County
80025 PO BOX Eldorado Springs Boulder County
80026 STANDARD Lafayette Boulder County
80027 STANDARD Louisville Boulder County
80028 UNIQUE Louisville Boulder County
80030 STANDARD Westminster Adams County
80031 STANDARD Westminster Adams County
80033 STANDARD Wheat Ridge Jefferson County
80034 PO BOX Wheat Ridge Jefferson County
80035 PO BOX Westminster Jefferson County
80036 PO BOX Westminster Jefferson County
80037 PO BOX Commerce City Adams County
80038 PO BOX Broomfield Broomfield County
80040 PO BOX Aurora Arapahoe County
80041 PO BOX Aurora Arapahoe County
80042 PO BOX Aurora Arapahoe County
80044 PO BOX Aurora Arapahoe County
80045 STANDARD Aurora Adams County
80046 PO BOX Aurora Arapahoe County
80047 PO BOX Aurora Arapahoe County
80101 STANDARD Agate Elbert County
80102 STANDARD Bennett Adams County
80103 STANDARD Byers Arapahoe County
80104 STANDARD Castle Rock Douglas County
80106 STANDARD Elbert El Paso County
80107 STANDARD Elizabeth Elbert County
80108 STANDARD Castle Rock Douglas County
80109 STANDARD Castle Rock Douglas County
80116 STANDARD Franktown Douglas County
80117 STANDARD Kiowa Elbert County
80118 STANDARD Larkspur Douglas County
80120 STANDARD Littleton Arapahoe County
80125 STANDARD Littleton Douglas County
80128 STANDARD Littleton Jefferson County
80131 PO BOX Louviers Douglas County
80132 STANDARD Monument El Paso County
80133 STANDARD Palmer Lake El Paso County
80134 STANDARD Parker Douglas County
80136 STANDARD Strasburg Adams County
80137 STANDARD Watkins Arapahoe County
80138 STANDARD Parker Douglas County
80150 PO BOX Englewood Arapahoe County
80151 PO BOX Englewood Arapahoe County
80160 PO BOX Littleton Arapahoe County
80161 PO BOX Littleton Arapahoe County
80162 PO BOX Littleton Arapahoe County
80165 UNIQUE Littleton Arapahoe County
80166 UNIQUE Littleton Arapahoe County
80201 PO BOX Denver Denver County
80205 STANDARD Denver Denver County
80208 UNIQUE Denver Denver County
80217 PO BOX Denver Denver County
80225 PO BOX Denver Denver County
80243 UNIQUE Denver Denver County
80244 UNIQUE Denver Denver County
80246 STANDARD Denver Denver County
80247 STANDARD Denver Arapahoe County
80248 PO BOX Denver Denver County
80249 STANDARD Denver Denver County
80250 PO BOX Denver Denver County
80251 UNIQUE Denver Denver County
80252 UNIQUE Denver Denver County
80256 UNIQUE Denver Denver County
80257 UNIQUE Denver Denver County
80259 UNIQUE Denver Denver County
80261 UNIQUE Denver Denver County
80262 UNIQUE Denver Denver County
80263 UNIQUE Denver Denver County
80266 STANDARD Denver Denver County
80271 UNIQUE Denver Denver County
80273 UNIQUE Denver Denver County
80274 UNIQUE Denver Denver County
80279 UNIQUE Denver Denver County
80280 UNIQUE Denver Denver County
80281 UNIQUE Denver Denver County
80291 UNIQUE Denver Denver County
80293 STANDARD Denver Denver County
80295 STANDARD Denver Denver County
80301 STANDARD Boulder Boulder County
80302 STANDARD Boulder Boulder County
80303 STANDARD Boulder Boulder County
80304 STANDARD Boulder Boulder County
80305 STANDARD Boulder Boulder County
80306 PO BOX Boulder Boulder County
80307 PO BOX Boulder Boulder County
80308 PO BOX Boulder Boulder County
80309 UNIQUE Boulder Boulder County
80310 UNIQUE Boulder Boulder County
80314 UNIQUE Boulder Boulder County
80321 UNIQUE Boulder Boulder County
80322 UNIQUE Boulder Boulder County
80323 UNIQUE Boulder Boulder County
80328 UNIQUE Boulder Boulder County
80329 UNIQUE Boulder Boulder County
80402 PO BOX Golden Jefferson County
80419 UNIQUE Golden Jefferson County
80420 PO BOX Alma Park County
80421 STANDARD Bailey Park County
80422 STANDARD Black Hawk Gilpin County
80423 STANDARD Bond Eagle County
80424 STANDARD Breckenridge Summit County
80425 PO BOX Buffalo Creek Jefferson County
80426 PO BOX Burns Eagle County
80427 PO BOX Central City Gilpin County
80428 STANDARD Clark Routt County
80429 PO BOX Climax Lake County
80430 STANDARD Coalmont Jackson County
80432 PO BOX Como Park County
80433 STANDARD Conifer Jefferson County
80434 PO BOX Cowdrey Jackson County
80436 PO BOX Dumont Clear Creek County
80437 PO BOX Evergreen Jefferson County
80438 PO BOX Empire Clear Creek County
80440 STANDARD Fairplay Park County
80442 PO BOX Fraser Grand County
80443 PO BOX Frisco Summit County
80444 PO BOX Georgetown Clear Creek County
80446 STANDARD Granby Grand County
80447 STANDARD Grand Lake Grand County
80448 PO BOX Grant Park County
80449 STANDARD Hartsel Park County
80451 PO BOX Hot Sulphur Springs Grand County
80453 PO BOX Idledale Jefferson County
80454 PO BOX Indian Hills Jefferson County
80455 STANDARD Jamestown Boulder County
80457 PO BOX Kittredge Jefferson County
80459 STANDARD Kremmling Grand County
80461 STANDARD Leadville Lake County
80463 STANDARD Mc Coy Routt County
80465 STANDARD Morrison Jefferson County
80466 STANDARD Nederland Boulder County
80467 STANDARD Oak Creek Routt County
80468 STANDARD Parshall Grand County
80469 PO BOX Phippsburg Routt County
80470 STANDARD Pine Jefferson County
80471 PO BOX Pinecliffe Boulder County
80473 PO BOX Rand Jackson County
80474 PO BOX Rollinsville Gilpin County
80475 PO BOX Shawnee Park County
80476 PO BOX Silver Plume Clear Creek County
80477 PO BOX Steamboat Springs Routt County
80478 PO BOX Tabernash Grand County
80479 PO BOX Toponas Routt County
80480 STANDARD Walden Jackson County
80481 STANDARD Ward Boulder County
80482 PO BOX Winter Park Grand County
80483 PO BOX Yampa Routt County
80487 STANDARD Steamboat Springs Routt County
80488 PO BOX Steamboat Springs Routt County
80497 PO BOX Silverthorne Summit County
80498 STANDARD Silverthorne Summit County
80502 PO BOX Longmont Boulder County
80511 PO BOX Estes Park Larimer County
80512 STANDARD Bellvue Larimer County
80513 STANDARD Berthoud Larimer County
80514 STANDARD Dacono Weld County
80515 STANDARD Drake Larimer County
80516 STANDARD Erie Weld County
80517 STANDARD Estes Park Larimer County
80520 PO BOX Firestone Weld County
80521 STANDARD Fort Collins Larimer County
80522 PO BOX Fort Collins Larimer County
80523 UNIQUE Fort Collins Larimer County
80524 STANDARD Fort Collins Larimer County
80525 STANDARD Fort Collins Larimer County
80526 STANDARD Fort Collins Larimer County
80527 PO BOX Fort Collins Larimer County
80528 STANDARD Fort Collins Larimer County
80530 STANDARD Frederick Weld County
80532 PO BOX Glen Haven Larimer County
80533 PO BOX Hygiene Boulder County
80534 STANDARD Johnstown Weld County
80535 STANDARD Laporte Larimer County
80536 STANDARD Livermore Larimer County
80537 STANDARD Loveland Larimer County
80538 STANDARD Loveland Larimer County
80539 PO BOX Loveland Larimer County
80541 PO BOX Masonville Larimer County
80542 STANDARD Mead Weld County
80543 STANDARD Milliken Weld County
80544 PO BOX Niwot Boulder County
80545 STANDARD Red Feather Lakes Larimer County
80546 PO BOX Severance Weld County
80547 STANDARD Timnath Larimer County
80549 STANDARD Wellington Larimer County
80550 STANDARD Windsor Weld County
80551 UNIQUE Windsor Weld County
80610 STANDARD Ault Weld County
80611 STANDARD Briggsdale Weld County
80612 STANDARD Carr Weld County
80614 PO BOX Eastlake Adams County
80615 STANDARD Eaton Weld County
80620 STANDARD Evans Weld County
80622 STANDARD Galeton Weld County
80623 PO BOX Gilcrest Weld County
80624 STANDARD Gill Weld County
80631 STANDARD Greeley Weld County
80632 PO BOX Greeley Weld County
80633 PO BOX Greeley Weld County
80634 STANDARD Greeley Weld County
80638 UNIQUE Greeley Weld County
80639 UNIQUE Greeley Weld County
80644 STANDARD Kersey Weld County
80645 STANDARD La Salle Weld County
80646 PO BOX Lucerne Weld County
80648 STANDARD Nunn Weld County
80649 STANDARD Orchard Morgan County
80650 STANDARD Pierce Weld County
80651 STANDARD Platteville Weld County
80652 STANDARD Roggen Weld County
80653 STANDARD Weldona Morgan County
80654 STANDARD Wiggins Morgan County
80701 STANDARD Fort Morgan Morgan County
80720 STANDARD Akron Washington County
80721 STANDARD Amherst Phillips County
80722 STANDARD Atwood Logan County
80723 STANDARD Brush Morgan County
80726 STANDARD Crook Logan County
80727 STANDARD Eckley Yuma County
80728 STANDARD Fleming Logan County
80729 STANDARD Grover Weld County
80731 STANDARD Haxtun Phillips County
80732 PO BOX Hereford Weld County
80733 STANDARD Hillrose Morgan County
80734 STANDARD Holyoke Phillips County
80735 STANDARD Idalia Yuma County
80736 STANDARD Iliff Logan County
80737 STANDARD Julesburg Sedgwick County
80740 STANDARD Lindon Washington County
80741 STANDARD Merino Logan County
80742 STANDARD New Raymer Weld County
80743 STANDARD Otis Washington County
80744 STANDARD Ovid Sedgwick County
80745 STANDARD Padroni Logan County
80746 STANDARD Paoli Phillips County
80747 STANDARD Peetz Logan County
80749 STANDARD Sedgwick Sedgwick County
80750 STANDARD Snyder Morgan County
80751 STANDARD Sterling Logan County
80754 STANDARD Stoneham Weld County
80755 STANDARD Vernon Yuma County
80757 STANDARD Woodrow Washington County
80758 STANDARD Wray Yuma County
80759 STANDARD Yuma Yuma County
80801 STANDARD Anton Washington County
80802 STANDARD Arapahoe Cheyenne County
80805 STANDARD Bethune Kit Carson County
80807 STANDARD Burlington Kit Carson County
80808 STANDARD Calhan El Paso County
80809 STANDARD Cascade El Paso County
80810 STANDARD Cheyenne Wells Cheyenne County
80812 STANDARD Cope Washington County
80813 STANDARD Cripple Creek Teller County
80814 STANDARD Divide Teller County
80817 STANDARD Fountain El Paso County
80818 STANDARD Genoa Lincoln County
80819 PO BOX Green Mountain Falls El Paso County
80820 STANDARD Guffey Park County
80821 STANDARD Hugo Lincoln County
80822 STANDARD Joes Yuma County
80823 STANDARD Karval Lincoln County
80824 STANDARD Kirk Yuma County
80825 STANDARD Kit Carson Cheyenne County
80827 STANDARD Lake George Park County
80828 STANDARD Limon Lincoln County
80829 STANDARD Manitou Springs El Paso County
80830 STANDARD Matheson Elbert County
80831 STANDARD Peyton El Paso County
80832 STANDARD Ramah El Paso County
80833 STANDARD Rush El Paso County
80834 STANDARD Seibert Kit Carson County
80835 STANDARD Simla Elbert County
80836 STANDARD Stratton Kit Carson County
80841 PO BOX Usaf Academy El Paso County
80861 STANDARD Vona Kit Carson County
80862 PO BOX Wild Horse Cheyenne County
80866 PO BOX Woodland Park Teller County
80940 UNIQUE Colorado Springs El Paso County
81002 PO BOX Pueblo Pueblo County
81003 STANDARD Pueblo Pueblo County
81004 STANDARD Pueblo Pueblo County
81005 STANDARD Pueblo Pueblo County
81007 STANDARD Pueblo Pueblo County
81008 STANDARD Pueblo Pueblo County
81009 UNIQUE Pueblo Pueblo County
81010 UNIQUE Pueblo Pueblo County
81011 UNIQUE Pueblo Pueblo County
81012 UNIQUE Pueblo Pueblo County
81019 PO BOX Colorado City Pueblo County
81020 STANDARD Aguilar Las Animas County
81021 STANDARD Arlington Kiowa County
81023 STANDARD Beulah Pueblo County
81024 STANDARD Boncarbo Las Animas County
81025 STANDARD Boone Pueblo County
81027 STANDARD Branson Las Animas County
81029 STANDARD Campo Baca County
81030 PO BOX Cheraw Otero County
81033 PO BOX Crowley Crowley County
81034 UNIQUE Ordway Crowley County
81036 STANDARD Eads Kiowa County
81038 PO BOX Fort Lyon Bent County
81039 STANDARD Fowler Otero County
81040 STANDARD Gardner Huerfano County
81043 PO BOX Hartman Prowers County
81044 STANDARD Hasty Bent County
81045 STANDARD Haswell Kiowa County
81046 PO BOX Hoehne Las Animas County
81047 STANDARD Holly Prowers County
81049 STANDARD Kim Las Animas County
81057 STANDARD Mc Clave Bent County
81058 STANDARD Manzanola Otero County
81062 STANDARD Olney Springs Crowley County
81064 STANDARD Pritchett Baca County
81075 STANDARD Stonington
81076 STANDARD Sugar City Crowley County
81077 PO BOX Swink Otero County
81081 STANDARD Trinchera Las Animas County
81084 STANDARD Two Buttes Baca County
81087 PO BOX Vilas Baca County
81090 STANDARD Walsh Baca County
81092 STANDARD Wiley Prowers County
81102 UNIQUE Alamosa Alamosa County
81123 STANDARD Blanca Costilla County
81124 PO BOX Capulin Conejos County
81125 STANDARD Center Saguache County
81126 PO BOX Chama Costilla County
81127 STANDARD Chimney Rock Archuleta County
81128 PO BOX Chromo Archuleta County
81129 PO BOX Conejos Conejos County
81130 STANDARD Creede Mineral County
81131 PO BOX Crestone Saguache County
81134 STANDARD San Luis Costilla County
81135 PO BOX Homelake Rio Grande County
81136 STANDARD Hooper Alamosa County
81138 PO BOX Jaroso Costilla County
81141 PO BOX Manassa Conejos County
81143 STANDARD Moffat Saguache County
81146 STANDARD Mosca Alamosa County
81148 PO BOX Romeo Conejos County
81149 STANDARD Saguache Saguache County
81151 STANDARD Sanford Conejos County
81155 STANDARD Villa Grove Saguache County
81157 PO BOX Pagosa Springs Archuleta County
81211 STANDARD Buena Vista Chaffee County
81215 PO BOX Canon City Fremont County
81220 STANDARD Cimarron Gunnison County
81221 PO BOX Coal Creek Fremont County
81222 PO BOX Coaldale Fremont County
81223 STANDARD Cotopaxi Fremont County
81224 STANDARD Crested Butte Gunnison County
81227 PO BOX Monarch Chaffee County
81228 STANDARD Granite Lake County
81231 UNIQUE Gunnison Gunnison County
81232 PO BOX Hillside Fremont County
81233 STANDARD Howard Fremont County
81235 STANDARD Lake City Hinsdale County
81237 STANDARD Ohio City Gunnison County
81239 STANDARD Parlin Gunnison County
81240 STANDARD Penrose Fremont County
81241 PO BOX Pitkin Gunnison County
81242 PO BOX Poncha Springs Chaffee County
81243 STANDARD Powderhorn Gunnison County
81244 PO BOX Rockvale Fremont County
81247 STANDARD Gunnison Gunnison County
81248 PO BOX Sargents Saguache County
81251 STANDARD Twin Lakes Lake County
81253 STANDARD Wetmore Custer County
81290 UNIQUE Florence Fremont County
81302 PO BOX Durango La Plata County
81303 STANDARD Durango La Plata County
81320 STANDARD Cahone Dolores County
81324 STANDARD Dove Creek Dolores County
81325 STANDARD Egnar San Miguel County
81327 STANDARD Lewis Montezuma County
81328 STANDARD Mancos Montezuma County
81329 PO BOX Marvel La Plata County
81330 PO BOX Mesa Verde National Park Montezuma County
81331 STANDARD Pleasant View Montezuma County
81332 PO BOX Rico Dolores County
81334 PO BOX Towaoc Montezuma County
81335 STANDARD Yellow Jacket Montezuma County
81401 STANDARD Montrose Montrose County
81402 PO BOX Montrose Montrose County
81403 STANDARD Montrose Montrose County
81410 STANDARD Austin Delta County
81411 STANDARD Bedrock Montrose County
81414 PO BOX Cory Delta County
81415 STANDARD Crawford Delta County
81416 STANDARD Delta Delta County
81418 STANDARD Eckert Delta County
81419 STANDARD Hotchkiss Delta County
81420 PO BOX Lazear Delta County
81422 STANDARD Naturita Montrose County
81423 PO BOX Norwood San Miguel County
81424 STANDARD Nucla Montrose County
81425 STANDARD Olathe Montrose County
81426 PO BOX Ophir San Miguel County
81427 PO BOX Ouray Ouray County
81428 STANDARD Paonia Delta County
81429 PO BOX Paradox Montrose County
81430 PO BOX Placerville San Miguel County
81431 STANDARD Redvale Montrose County
81432 STANDARD Ridgway Ouray County
81433 PO BOX Silverton San Juan County
81434 STANDARD Somerset Gunnison County
81501 STANDARD Grand Junction Mesa County
81502 PO BOX Grand Junction Mesa County
81503 STANDARD Grand Junction Mesa County
81505 STANDARD Grand Junction Mesa County
81506 STANDARD Grand Junction Mesa County
81507 STANDARD Grand Junction Mesa County
81520 STANDARD Clifton Mesa County
81521 STANDARD Fruita Mesa County
81522 STANDARD Gateway Mesa County
81523 STANDARD Glade Park Mesa County
81524 STANDARD Loma Mesa County
81525 STANDARD Mack Mesa County
81526 STANDARD Palisade Mesa County
81527 STANDARD Whitewater Mesa County
81602 PO BOX Glenwood Springs Garfield County
81611 STANDARD Aspen Pitkin County
81612 PO BOX Aspen Pitkin County
81615 PO BOX Snowmass Village Pitkin County
81620 PO BOX Avon Eagle County
81621 STANDARD Basalt Eagle County
81624 STANDARD Collbran Mesa County
81625 STANDARD Craig Moffat County
81626 PO BOX Craig Moffat County
81630 STANDARD De Beque Mesa County
81631 PO BOX Eagle Eagle County
81632 STANDARD Edwards Eagle County
81633 STANDARD Dinosaur Moffat County
81638 STANDARD Hamilton Moffat County
81639 STANDARD Hayden Routt County
81643 PO BOX Mesa Mesa County
81645 PO BOX Minturn Eagle County
81646 PO BOX Molina Mesa County
81647 STANDARD New Castle Garfield County
81648 STANDARD Rangely Rio Blanco County
81649 PO BOX Red Cliff Eagle County
81652 STANDARD Silt Garfield County
81653 STANDARD Slater Moffat County
81654 STANDARD Snowmass Pitkin County
81655 PO BOX Wolcott Eagle County
81656 PO BOX Woody Creek Pitkin County
81658 PO BOX Vail Eagle County