Connecticut Zip Code List, Zip codes from the state of Connecticut

Following are the list of all the zip codes from the state Connecticut. Click on the Zip code to see the details of each zip code from Connecticut.

Zip Code Type City County
6001 STANDARD Avon Hartford County
6002 STANDARD Bloomfield Hartford County
6006 UNIQUE Windsor Hartford County
6010 STANDARD Bristol Hartford County
6011 PO BOX Bristol Hartford County
6013 STANDARD Burlington Hartford County
6019 STANDARD Canton Hartford County
6020 PO BOX Canton Center Hartford County
6021 STANDARD Colebrook Litchfield County
6022 PO BOX Collinsville Hartford County
6023 STANDARD East Berlin Hartford County
6024 STANDARD East Canaan Litchfield County
6025 PO BOX East Glastonbury Hartford County
6026 STANDARD East Granby Hartford County
6027 STANDARD East Hartland Hartford County
6028 PO BOX East Windsor Hill Hartford County
6029 STANDARD Ellington Tolland County
6030 UNIQUE Farmington Hartford County
6031 STANDARD Falls Village Litchfield County
6033 STANDARD Glastonbury Hartford County
6034 PO BOX Farmington Hartford County
6035 STANDARD Granby Hartford County
6037 STANDARD Berlin Hartford County
6039 STANDARD Lakeville Litchfield County
6040 STANDARD Manchester Hartford County
6041 UNIQUE Manchester Hartford County
6042 STANDARD Manchester Hartford County
6043 STANDARD Bolton Tolland County
6045 PO BOX Manchester Hartford County
6050 PO BOX New Britain Hartford County
6051 STANDARD New Britain Hartford County
6052 STANDARD New Britain Hartford County
6053 STANDARD New Britain Hartford County
6058 STANDARD Norfolk Litchfield County
6059 PO BOX North Canton Litchfield County
6060 STANDARD North Granby Hartford County
6061 PO BOX Pine Meadow Litchfield County
6062 STANDARD Plainville Hartford County
6064 PO BOX Poquonock Hartford County
6065 STANDARD Riverton Hartford County
6067 STANDARD Rocky Hill Hartford County
6068 STANDARD Salisbury Litchfield County
6070 STANDARD Simsbury Hartford County
6071 STANDARD Somers Tolland County
6072 PO BOX Somersville Tolland County
6073 STANDARD South Glastonbury Hartford County
6075 PO BOX Stafford Tolland County
6077 PO BOX Staffordville Tolland County
6078 STANDARD Suffield Hartford County
6079 PO BOX Taconic Litchfield County
6080 UNIQUE Suffield Hartford County
6081 STANDARD Tariffville Hartford County
6083 PO BOX Enfield Hartford County
6084 STANDARD Tolland Tolland County
6085 STANDARD Unionville Hartford County
6087 UNIQUE Unionville Hartford County
6089 STANDARD Weatogue Hartford County
6090 STANDARD West Granby Hartford County
6091 STANDARD West Hartland Hartford County
6092 STANDARD West Simsbury Hartford County
6093 STANDARD West Suffield Hartford County
6094 PO BOX Winchester Center Litchfield County
6095 STANDARD Windsor Hartford County
6096 STANDARD Windsor Locks Hartford County
6102 PO BOX Hartford Hartford County
6103 STANDARD Hartford Hartford County
6104 PO BOX Hartford Hartford County
6106 STANDARD Hartford Hartford County
6120 STANDARD Hartford Hartford County
6123 PO BOX Hartford Hartford County
6126 PO BOX Hartford Hartford County
6128 PO BOX East Hartford Hartford County
6131 PO BOX Newington Hartford County
6132 PO BOX Hartford Hartford County
6134 PO BOX Hartford Hartford County
6146 PO BOX Hartford Hartford County
6161 UNIQUE Hartford Hartford County
6230 PO BOX Abington Windham County
6231 STANDARD Amston Tolland County
6232 STANDARD Andover Tolland County
6233 PO BOX Ballouville Windham County
6234 STANDARD Brooklyn Windham County
6237 STANDARD Columbia Tolland County
6238 STANDARD Coventry Tolland County
6241 STANDARD Dayville Windham County
6242 STANDARD Eastford Windham County
6244 PO BOX East Woodstock Windham County
6245 PO BOX Fabyan Windham County
6246 PO BOX Grosvenor Dale Windham County
6247 STANDARD Hampton Windham County
6248 STANDARD Hebron Tolland County
6249 STANDARD Lebanon New London County
6251 PO BOX Mansfield Depot Tolland County
6255 STANDARD North Grosvenordale Windham County
6256 STANDARD North Windham Windham County
6258 PO BOX Pomfret Windham County
6262 STANDARD Quinebaug Windham County
6263 PO BOX Rogers Windham County
6264 STANDARD Scotland Windham County
6265 STANDARD South Willington Tolland County
6266 STANDARD South Windham Windham County
6267 PO BOX South Woodstock Windham County
6278 STANDARD Ashford Windham County
6280 STANDARD Windham Windham County
6281 STANDARD Woodstock Windham County
6282 STANDARD Woodstock Valley Windham County
6330 STANDARD Baltic New London County
6331 STANDARD Canterbury Windham County
6332 PO BOX Central Village Windham County
6333 STANDARD East Lyme New London County
6334 STANDARD Bozrah New London County
6335 STANDARD Gales Ferry New London County
6336 STANDARD Gilman New London County
6338 PO BOX Mashantucket New London County
6339 STANDARD Ledyard New London County
6350 PO BOX Hanover New London County
6353 STANDARD Montville New London County
6354 STANDARD Moosup Windham County
6355 STANDARD Mystic New London County
6357 STANDARD Niantic New London County
6359 STANDARD North Stonington New London County
6365 STANDARD Preston New London County
6370 STANDARD Oakdale New London County
6371 STANDARD Old Lyme New London County
6372 PO BOX Old Mystic New London County
6373 PO BOX Oneco Windham County
6374 STANDARD Plainfield Windham County
6375 STANDARD Quaker Hill New London County
6376 PO BOX South Lyme New London County
6377 STANDARD Sterling Windham County
6379 STANDARD Pawcatuck New London County
6380 STANDARD Taftville New London County
6382 STANDARD Uncasville New London County
6383 PO BOX Versailles New London County
6384 STANDARD Voluntown New London County
6387 PO BOX Wauregan Windham County
6388 PO BOX West Mystic New London County
6389 STANDARD Yantic New London County
6403 STANDARD Beacon Falls New Haven County
6404 PO BOX Botsford Fairfield County
6405 STANDARD Branford New Haven County
6408 UNIQUE Cheshire New Haven County
6409 STANDARD Centerbrook Middlesex County
6410 STANDARD Cheshire New Haven County
6411 UNIQUE Cheshire New Haven County
6412 STANDARD Chester Middlesex County
6413 STANDARD Clinton Middlesex County
6414 PO BOX Cobalt Middlesex County
6415 STANDARD Colchester New London County
6416 STANDARD Cromwell Middlesex County
6417 STANDARD Deep River Middlesex County
6419 STANDARD Killingworth Middlesex County
6420 STANDARD Salem New London County
6422 STANDARD Durham Middlesex County
6423 STANDARD East Haddam Middlesex County
6424 STANDARD East Hampton Middlesex County
6426 STANDARD Essex Middlesex County
6437 STANDARD Guilford New Haven County
6438 STANDARD Haddam Middlesex County
6439 PO BOX Hadlyme New London County
6440 PO BOX Hawleyville Fairfield County
6441 STANDARD Higganum Middlesex County
6442 STANDARD Ivoryton Middlesex County
6443 STANDARD Madison New Haven County
6444 PO BOX Marion Hartford County
6447 STANDARD Marlborough Hartford County
6450 STANDARD Meriden New Haven County
6451 STANDARD Meriden New Haven County
6454 UNIQUE Meriden New Haven County
6455 STANDARD Middlefield Middlesex County
6456 PO BOX Middle Haddam Middlesex County
6457 STANDARD Middletown Middlesex County
6459 UNIQUE Middletown Middlesex County
6460 STANDARD Milford New Haven County
6461 STANDARD Milford New Haven County
6467 PO BOX Milldale Hartford County
6469 STANDARD Moodus Middlesex County
6471 STANDARD North Branford New Haven County
6472 STANDARD Northford New Haven County
6473 STANDARD North Haven New Haven County
6474 PO BOX North Westchester New London County
6475 STANDARD Old Saybrook Middlesex County
6477 STANDARD Orange New Haven County
6479 STANDARD Plantsville Hartford County
6480 STANDARD Portland Middlesex County
6481 STANDARD Rockfall Middlesex County
6482 STANDARD Sandy Hook Fairfield County
6487 PO BOX South Britain New Haven County
6488 STANDARD Southbury New Haven County
6489 STANDARD Southington Hartford County
6491 PO BOX Stevenson Fairfield County
6492 STANDARD Wallingford New Haven County
6494 UNIQUE Wallingford New Haven County
6495 UNIQUE Wallingford New Haven County
6497 STANDARD Stratford Fairfield County
6498 STANDARD Westbrook Middlesex County
6501 PO BOX New Haven New Haven County
6502 PO BOX New Haven New Haven County
6503 PO BOX New Haven New Haven County
6504 PO BOX New Haven New Haven County
6505 PO BOX New Haven New Haven County
6506 PO BOX New Haven New Haven County
6507 PO BOX New Haven New Haven County
6508 PO BOX New Haven New Haven County
6509 PO BOX New Haven New Haven County
6512 STANDARD East Haven New Haven County
6514 STANDARD Hamden New Haven County
6516 STANDARD West Haven New Haven County
6520 PO BOX New Haven New Haven County
6521 PO BOX New Haven New Haven County
6524 STANDARD Bethany New Haven County
6525 STANDARD Woodbridge New Haven County
6530 PO BOX New Haven New Haven County
6531 PO BOX New Haven New Haven County
6532 PO BOX New Haven New Haven County
6533 PO BOX New Haven New Haven County
6534 PO BOX New Haven New Haven County
6535 PO BOX New Haven New Haven County
6536 PO BOX New Haven New Haven County
6540 UNIQUE New Haven New Haven County
6601 PO BOX Bridgeport Fairfield County
6602 PO BOX Bridgeport Fairfield County
6606 STANDARD Bridgeport Fairfield County
6607 STANDARD Bridgeport Fairfield County
6610 STANDARD Bridgeport Fairfield County
6612 STANDARD Easton Fairfield County
6614 STANDARD Stratford Fairfield County
6615 STANDARD Stratford Fairfield County
6650 STANDARD Bridgeport Fairfield County
6673 UNIQUE Bridgeport Fairfield County
6699 UNIQUE Bridgeport Fairfield County
6703 PO BOX Waterbury New Haven County
6706 STANDARD Waterbury New Haven County
6712 STANDARD Prospect New Haven County
6716 STANDARD Wolcott New Haven County
6720 PO BOX Waterbury New Haven County
6721 PO BOX Waterbury New Haven County
6722 PO BOX Waterbury New Haven County
6723 PO BOX Waterbury New Haven County
6724 PO BOX Waterbury New Haven County
6725 PO BOX Waterbury New Haven County
6726 PO BOX Waterbury New Haven County
6749 UNIQUE Waterbury New Haven County
6750 STANDARD Bantam Litchfield County
6751 STANDARD Bethlehem Litchfield County
6752 STANDARD Bridgewater Litchfield County
6753 PO BOX Cornwall Litchfield County
6755 STANDARD Gaylordsville Litchfield County
6756 STANDARD Goshen Litchfield County
6757 STANDARD Kent Litchfield County
6758 STANDARD Lakeside Litchfield County
6759 STANDARD Litchfield Litchfield County
6762 STANDARD Middlebury New Haven County
6763 STANDARD Morris Litchfield County
6776 STANDARD New Milford Litchfield County
6778 STANDARD Northfield Litchfield County
6779 STANDARD Oakville Litchfield County
6781 PO BOX Pequabuck Litchfield County
6782 STANDARD Plymouth Litchfield County
6783 STANDARD Roxbury Litchfield County
6784 STANDARD Sherman Fairfield County
6785 STANDARD South Kent Litchfield County
6786 STANDARD Terryville Litchfield County
6787 STANDARD Thomaston Litchfield County
6790 STANDARD Torrington Litchfield County
6791 STANDARD Harwinton Litchfield County
6792 UNIQUE Torrington Litchfield County
6794 STANDARD Washington Depot Litchfield County
6795 STANDARD Watertown Litchfield County
6796 STANDARD West Cornwall Litchfield County
6798 STANDARD Woodbury Litchfield County
6801 STANDARD Bethel Fairfield County
6804 STANDARD Brookfield Fairfield County
6807 STANDARD Cos Cob Fairfield County
6812 STANDARD New Fairfield Fairfield County
6813 PO BOX Danbury Fairfield County
6814 UNIQUE Danbury Fairfield County
6816 UNIQUE Danbury Fairfield County
6817 UNIQUE Danbury Fairfield County
6828 STANDARD Fairfield Fairfield County
6829 PO BOX Georgetown Fairfield County
6830 STANDARD Greenwich Fairfield County
6831 STANDARD Greenwich Fairfield County
6832 UNIQUE Greenwich Fairfield County
6836 PO BOX Greenwich Fairfield County
6838 PO BOX Greens Farms Fairfield County
6840 STANDARD New Canaan Fairfield County
6842 UNIQUE New Canaan Fairfield County
6850 STANDARD Norwalk Fairfield County
6851 STANDARD Norwalk Fairfield County
6852 PO BOX Norwalk Fairfield County
6853 STANDARD Norwalk Fairfield County
6854 STANDARD Norwalk Fairfield County
6855 STANDARD Norwalk Fairfield County
6856 PO BOX Norwalk Fairfield County
6857 UNIQUE Norwalk Fairfield County
6858 UNIQUE Norwalk Fairfield County
6859 UNIQUE Norwalk Fairfield County
6860 UNIQUE Norwalk Fairfield County
6870 STANDARD Old Greenwich Fairfield County
6875 PO BOX Redding Center Fairfield County
6876 PO BOX Redding Ridge Fairfield County
6877 STANDARD Ridgefield Fairfield County
6878 STANDARD Riverside Fairfield County
6879 UNIQUE Ridgefield Fairfield County
6880 STANDARD Westport Fairfield County
6881 PO BOX Westport Fairfield County
6883 STANDARD Weston Fairfield County
6888 UNIQUE Westport Fairfield County
6889 UNIQUE Westport Fairfield County
6890 STANDARD Southport Fairfield County
6896 STANDARD Redding Fairfield County
6897 STANDARD Wilton Fairfield County
6903 STANDARD Stamford Fairfield County
6904 PO BOX Stamford Fairfield County
6905 STANDARD Stamford Fairfield County
6907 STANDARD Stamford Fairfield County
6910 STANDARD Stamford Fairfield County
6911 PO BOX Stamford Fairfield County
6912 PO BOX Stamford Fairfield County
6913 UNIQUE Stamford Fairfield County
6914 UNIQUE Stamford Fairfield County
6920 UNIQUE Stamford Fairfield County
6921 UNIQUE Stamford Fairfield County
6922 UNIQUE Stamford Fairfield County
6925 UNIQUE Stamford Fairfield County
6926 UNIQUE Stamford Fairfield County
6927 UNIQUE Stamford Fairfield County
6928 UNIQUE Stamford Fairfield County