Georgia Zip Code List, Zip codes from the state of Georgia

Following are the list of all the zip codes from the state Georgia. Click on the Zip code to see the details of each zip code from Georgia.

Zip Code Type City County
30003 PO BOX Norcross Gwinnett County
30004 STANDARD Alpharetta Fulton County
30005 STANDARD Alpharetta Fulton County
30006 PO BOX Marietta Cobb County
30007 PO BOX Marietta Cobb County
30009 STANDARD Alpharetta Fulton County
30011 STANDARD Auburn Barrow County
30015 PO BOX Covington Newton County
30017 STANDARD Grayson Gwinnett County
30018 PO BOX Jersey Walton County
30019 STANDARD Dacula Gwinnett County
30022 STANDARD Alpharetta Fulton County
30023 PO BOX Alpharetta Fulton County
30026 PO BOX North Metro Gwinnett County
30029 PO BOX North Metro Gwinnett County
30030 STANDARD Decatur DeKalb County
30031 PO BOX Decatur Dekalb County
30036 PO BOX Decatur Dekalb County
30037 PO BOX Decatur Dekalb County
30042 PO BOX Lawrenceville Gwinnett County
30046 STANDARD Lawrenceville Gwinnett County
30048 PO BOX Lilburn Gwinnett County
30049 PO BOX Lawrenceville Gwinnett County
30052 STANDARD Loganville Walton County
30054 STANDARD Oxford Newton County
30055 STANDARD Mansfield Jasper County
30056 STANDARD Newborn Jasper County
30061 PO BOX Marietta Cobb County
30063 UNIQUE Marietta Cobb County
30065 PO BOX Marietta Cobb County
30066 STANDARD Marietta Cobb County
30069 UNIQUE Marietta Cobb County
30070 PO BOX Porterdale Newton County
30072 PO BOX Pine Lake DeKalb County
30073 STANDARD Decatur Dekalb County
30074 PO BOX Redan Dekalb County
30075 STANDARD Roswell Fulton County
30076 STANDARD Roswell Fulton County
30077 PO BOX Roswell Fulton County
30080 STANDARD Smyrna Cobb County
30081 PO BOX Smyrna Cobb County
30082 STANDARD Smyrna Cobb County
30084 STANDARD Tucker DeKalb County
30085 PO BOX Tucker Dekalb County
30086 PO BOX Stone Mountain Dekalb County
30091 PO BOX Norcross Gwinnett County
30093 STANDARD Norcross Gwinnett County
30095 PO BOX Duluth Gwinnett County
30098 UNIQUE Duluth Gwinnett County
30099 UNIQUE Duluth Gwinnett County
30104 STANDARD Aragon Polk County
30105 STANDARD Armuchee Floyd County
30109 PO BOX Bowdon Junction Carroll County
30111 PO BOX Clarkdale Cobb County
30112 PO BOX Carrollton Carroll County
30118 UNIQUE Carrollton Carroll County
30119 UNIQUE Carrollton Carroll County
30122 STANDARD Lithia Springs Douglas County
30123 PO BOX Cassville Bartow County
30124 STANDARD Cave Spring Floyd County
30126 STANDARD Mableton Cobb County
30129 PO BOX Coosa Floyd County
30133 PO BOX Douglasville Douglas County
30137 STANDARD Emerson Bartow County
30138 PO BOX Esom Hill Cleburne County
30140 PO BOX Felton Haralson County
30141 STANDARD Hiram Paulding County
30142 PO BOX Holly Springs Cherokee County
30144 STANDARD Kennesaw Cobb County
30146 PO BOX Lebanon Cherokee County
30147 STANDARD Lindale Floyd County
30149 PO BOX Mount Berry Floyd County
30150 PO BOX Mount Zion Carroll County
30151 PO BOX Nelson Pickens County
30152 STANDARD Kennesaw Cobb County
30154 PO BOX Douglasville Douglas County
30156 PO BOX Kennesaw Cobb County
30160 PO BOX Kennesaw Cobb County
30161 STANDARD Rome Floyd County
30162 PO BOX Rome Floyd County
30163 PO BOX Rome Floyd County
30164 PO BOX Rome Newton County
30165 STANDARD Rome Floyd County
30169 PO BOX Canton Cherokee County
30171 STANDARD Rydal Bartow County
30172 PO BOX Shannon Floyd County
30173 STANDARD Silver Creek Floyd County
30175 STANDARD Talking Rock Pickens County
30178 STANDARD Taylorsville Bartow County
30182 STANDARD Waco Carroll County
30183 STANDARD Waleska Cherokee County
30184 STANDARD White Bartow County
30185 STANDARD Whitesburg Carroll County
30187 STANDARD Winston Douglas County
30205 STANDARD Brooks Fayette County
30212 PO BOX Experiment Spalding County
30213 STANDARD Fairburn Fulton County
30216 STANDARD Flovilla Butts County
30218 STANDARD Gay Meriwether County
30219 PO BOX Glenn Heard County
30222 STANDARD Greenville Meriwether County
30228 STANDARD Hampton Henry County
30229 PO BOX Haralson Coweta County
30230 STANDARD Hogansville Troup County
30234 STANDARD Jenkinsburg Butts County
30237 PO BOX Jonesboro Clayton County
30250 PO BOX Lovejoy Clayton County
30256 STANDARD Meansville Pike County
30257 STANDARD Milner Lamar County
30258 STANDARD Molena Pike County
30259 STANDARD Moreland Coweta County
30260 STANDARD Morrow Clayton County
30261 PO BOX Lagrange Troup County
30264 PO BOX Newnan Coweta County
30266 PO BOX Orchard Hill Spalding County
30271 PO BOX Newnan Coweta County
30272 PO BOX Red Oak Fulton County
30273 STANDARD Rex Clayton County
30275 PO BOX Sargent Coweta County
30277 STANDARD Sharpsburg Coweta County
30284 PO BOX Sunny Side Spalding County
30285 STANDARD The Rock Upson County
30286 STANDARD Thomaston Upson County
30287 PO BOX Morrow Clayton County
30288 STANDARD Conley Clayton County
30289 PO BOX Turin Coweta County
30291 STANDARD Union City Fulton County
30293 STANDARD Woodbury Meriwether County
30294 STANDARD Ellenwood DeKalb County
30296 STANDARD Riverdale Clayton County
30298 PO BOX Forest Park Clayton County
30301 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
30302 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
30304 STANDARD Atlanta Fulton County
30311 STANDARD Atlanta Fulton County
30314 STANDARD Atlanta Fulton County
30316 STANDARD Atlanta DeKalb County
30317 STANDARD Atlanta DeKalb County
30321 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
30325 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
30331 STANDARD Atlanta Fulton County
30343 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
30348 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
30353 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
30355 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
30356 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
30357 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
30359 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
30362 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
30363 STANDARD Atlanta Fulton County
30364 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
30366 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
30370 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
30371 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
30374 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
30376 STANDARD Atlanta Fulton County
30377 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
30378 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
30379 STANDARD Atlanta Fulton County
30386 UNIQUE Atlanta Fulton County
30387 UNIQUE Atlanta Fulton County
30389 UNIQUE Atlanta Fulton County
30390 UNIQUE Atlanta Fulton County
30392 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
30394 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
30399 UNIQUE Atlanta Fulton County
30412 PO BOX Alston Montgomery County
30413 STANDARD Bartow Jefferson County
30414 PO BOX Bellville Evans County
30417 STANDARD Claxton Evans County
30420 STANDARD Cobbtown Tattnall County
30421 STANDARD Collins Tattnall County
30423 PO BOX Daisy Evans County
30424 PO BOX Dover Screven County
30425 STANDARD Garfield Emanuel County
30426 STANDARD Girard Burke County
30427 STANDARD Glennville Tattnall County
30428 STANDARD Glenwood Wheeler County
30429 PO BOX Hagan Evans County
30438 PO BOX Manassas Tattnall County
30439 STANDARD Metter Candler County
30445 STANDARD Mount Vernon Montgomery County
30446 STANDARD Newington Screven County
30447 PO BOX Norristown Emanuel County
30448 PO BOX Nunez Emanuel County
30449 PO BOX Oliver Screven County
30450 STANDARD Portal Bulloch County
30451 PO BOX Pulaski Candler County
30452 STANDARD Register Bulloch County
30453 STANDARD Reidsville Tattnall County
30454 STANDARD Rockledge Laurens County
30455 STANDARD Rocky Ford Screven County
30457 STANDARD Soperton Treutlen County
30458 STANDARD Statesboro Bulloch County
30459 PO BOX Statesboro Bulloch County
30460 UNIQUE Statesboro Bulloch County
30461 STANDARD Statesboro Bulloch County
30464 PO BOX Stillmore Emanuel County
30467 STANDARD Sylvania Screven County
30470 STANDARD Tarrytown Montgomery County
30473 STANDARD Uvalda Montgomery County
30475 PO BOX Vidalia Toombs County
30477 STANDARD Wadley Jefferson County
30499 UNIQUE Reidsville Tattnall County
30503 PO BOX Gainesville Hall County
30506 STANDARD Gainesville Hall County
30510 STANDARD Alto Habersham County
30511 STANDARD Baldwin Banks County
30512 STANDARD Blairsville Union County
30514 PO BOX Blairsville Union County
30515 PO BOX Buford Gwinnett County
30516 STANDARD Bowersville Hart County
30520 STANDARD Canon Franklin County
30521 STANDARD Carnesville Franklin County
30525 STANDARD Clayton Rabun County
30528 STANDARD Cleveland White County
30531 STANDARD Cornelia Habersham County
30533 STANDARD Dahlonega Lumpkin County
30534 STANDARD Dawsonville Dawson County
30535 STANDARD Demorest Habersham County
30536 STANDARD Ellijay Gilmer County
30537 STANDARD Dillard Rabun County
30538 STANDARD Eastanollee Stephens County
30539 PO BOX East Ellijay Gilmer County
30540 STANDARD Ellijay Gilmer County
30541 STANDARD Epworth Fannin County
30543 STANDARD Gillsville Hall County
30544 PO BOX Habersham Habersham County
30545 STANDARD Helen White County
30546 STANDARD Hiawassee Towns County
30547 STANDARD Homer Banks County
30548 STANDARD Hoschton Jackson County
30549 STANDARD Jefferson Jackson County
30552 STANDARD Lakemont Rabun County
30553 STANDARD Lavonia Franklin County
30557 STANDARD Martin Stephens County
30558 STANDARD Maysville Jackson County
30559 STANDARD Mineral Bluff Fannin County
30560 STANDARD Morganton Fannin County
30562 PO BOX Mountain City Rabun County
30563 STANDARD Mount Airy Habersham County
30564 STANDARD Murrayville Hall County
30565 STANDARD Nicholson Jackson County
30566 STANDARD Oakwood Hall County
30567 STANDARD Pendergrass Jackson County
30568 STANDARD Rabun Gap Rabun County
30573 PO BOX Tallulah Falls Rabun County
30575 STANDARD Talmo Jackson County
30576 STANDARD Tiger Rabun County
30577 STANDARD Toccoa Stephens County
30580 PO BOX Turnerville Habersham County
30581 PO BOX Wiley Rabun County
30596 UNIQUE Alto Habersham County
30597 UNIQUE Dahlonega Lumpkin County
30598 PO BOX Toccoa Falls Stephens County
30599 UNIQUE Commerce Jackson County
30602 UNIQUE Athens Clarke County
30603 PO BOX Athens Clarke County
30604 PO BOX Athens Clarke County
30605 STANDARD Athens Clarke County
30607 STANDARD Athens Clarke County
30608 PO BOX Athens Clarke County
30609 UNIQUE Athens Clarke County
30612 PO BOX Athens Clarke County
30619 STANDARD Arnoldsville Oglethorpe County
30620 STANDARD Bethlehem Barrow County
30623 PO BOX Bostwick Morgan County
30624 STANDARD Bowman Elbert County
30625 STANDARD Buckhead Morgan County
30627 STANDARD Carlton Oglethorpe County
30628 STANDARD Colbert Madison County
30629 STANDARD Comer Madison County
30630 STANDARD Crawford Oglethorpe County
30631 STANDARD Crawfordville Taliaferro County
30633 STANDARD Danielsville Madison County
30634 STANDARD Dewy Rose Elbert County
30635 STANDARD Elberton Elbert County
30638 PO BOX Farmington Oconee County
30639 PO BOX Franklin Springs Franklin County
30641 STANDARD Good Hope Walton County
30643 STANDARD Hartwell Hart County
30645 PO BOX High Shoals
30646 STANDARD Hull Madison County
30647 PO BOX Ila Madison County
30648 STANDARD Lexington Oglethorpe County
30650 STANDARD Madison Morgan County
30660 STANDARD Rayle Wilkes County
30663 STANDARD Rutledge Morgan County
30664 PO BOX Sharon Taliaferro County
30665 PO BOX Siloam Greene County
30667 STANDARD Stephens Oglethorpe County
30668 STANDARD Tignall Wilkes County
30671 PO BOX Maxeys Oglethorpe County
30673 STANDARD Washington Wilkes County
30677 STANDARD Watkinsville Oconee County
30683 STANDARD Winterville Clarke County
30703 PO BOX Calhoun Gordon County
30707 STANDARD Chickamauga Walker County
30719 PO BOX Dalton Whitfield County
30722 PO BOX Dalton Whitfield County
30724 PO BOX Eton Murray County
30725 STANDARD Flintstone Walker County
30726 PO BOX Graysville Catoosa County
30728 STANDARD La Fayette Walker County
30730 STANDARD Lyerly Chattooga County
30731 STANDARD Menlo Chattooga County
30732 PO BOX Oakman Gordon County
30733 STANDARD Plainville Gordon County
30734 STANDARD Ranger Gordon County
30735 STANDARD Resaca Gordon County
30736 STANDARD Ringgold Catoosa County
30738 STANDARD Rising Fawn Dade County
30739 STANDARD Rock Spring Walker County
30740 STANDARD Rocky Face Whitfield County
30746 STANDARD Sugar Valley Gordon County
30747 STANDARD Summerville Chattooga County
30751 PO BOX Tennga Murray County
30752 STANDARD Trenton Dade County
30753 STANDARD Trion Chattooga County
30755 STANDARD Tunnel Hill Whitfield County
30756 PO BOX Varnell Whitfield County
30757 STANDARD Wildwood Dade County
30803 STANDARD Avera Jefferson County
30805 STANDARD Blythe Richmond County
30806 PO BOX Boneville McDuffie County
30807 PO BOX Camak Warren County
30808 STANDARD Dearing McDuffie County
30809 STANDARD Evans Columbia County
30810 STANDARD Gibson Glascock County
30811 PO BOX Gough Burke County
30812 PO BOX Gracewood Richmond County
30813 STANDARD Grovetown Columbia County
30815 STANDARD Hephzibah Richmond County
30816 STANDARD Keysville Burke County
30819 PO BOX Mesena Warren County
30820 STANDARD Mitchell Glascock County
30822 PO BOX Perkins Jenkins County
30823 STANDARD Stapleton Jefferson County
30824 STANDARD Thomson McDuffie County
30903 PO BOX Augusta Columbia County
30905 STANDARD Augusta Richmond County
30906 STANDARD Augusta Richmond County
30907 STANDARD Augusta Columbia County
30911 STANDARD Augusta Richmond County
30913 STANDARD Augusta Richmond County
30914 PO BOX Augusta Richmond County
30916 PO BOX Augusta Richmond County
30917 PO BOX Augusta Richmond County
30919 PO BOX Augusta Richmond County
30999 UNIQUE Augusta Richmond County
31001 STANDARD Abbeville Wilcox County
31002 STANDARD Adrian Emanuel County
31003 PO BOX Allentown Wilkinson County
31004 PO BOX Bolingbroke Monroe County
31005 STANDARD Bonaire Houston County
31006 STANDARD Butler Taylor County
31007 STANDARD Byromville Dooly County
31008 STANDARD Byron Peach County
31009 STANDARD Cadwell Laurens County
31010 PO BOX Cordele Crisp County
31011 STANDARD Chauncey Dodge County
31012 STANDARD Chester Dodge County
31013 PO BOX Clinchfield Houston County
31014 STANDARD Cochran Bleckley County
31015 STANDARD Cordele Crisp County
31016 STANDARD Culloden Monroe County
31017 STANDARD Danville Twiggs County
31018 STANDARD Davisboro Washington County
31019 STANDARD Dexter Laurens County
31020 STANDARD Dry Branch Twiggs County
31021 STANDARD Dublin Laurens County
31022 STANDARD Dudley Laurens County
31023 STANDARD Eastman Dodge County
31025 STANDARD Elko Houston County
31026 UNIQUE Eatonton Putnam County
31028 STANDARD Centerville Houston County
31030 STANDARD Fort Valley Peach County
31031 STANDARD Gordon Wilkinson County
31032 STANDARD Gray Jones County
31033 STANDARD Haddock Jones County
31034 PO BOX Hardwick Baldwin County
31035 STANDARD Harrison Washington County
31037 STANDARD Mc Rae Helena Telfair County
31038 STANDARD Hillsboro Jasper County
31039 PO BOX Howard Taylor County
31040 PO BOX Dublin Laurens County
31041 STANDARD Ideal Macon County
31042 STANDARD Irwinton Wilkinson County
31044 STANDARD Jeffersonville Twiggs County
31045 STANDARD Jewell Warren County
31046 STANDARD Juliette Monroe County
31047 STANDARD Kathleen Houston County
31049 STANDARD Kite Johnson County
31050 STANDARD Knoxville Crawford County
31051 PO BOX Lilly Dooly County
31052 STANDARD Lizella Bibb County
31054 STANDARD Mc Intyre Wilkinson County
31055 STANDARD Mc Rae Helena Telfair County
31057 STANDARD Marshallville Macon County
31058 STANDARD Mauk Marion County
31059 PO BOX Milledgeville Baldwin County
31060 STANDARD Milan Telfair County
31061 STANDARD Milledgeville Baldwin County
31062 UNIQUE Milledgeville Baldwin County
31063 STANDARD Montezuma Macon County
31065 STANDARD Montrose Laurens County
31067 PO BOX Oconee Washington County
31069 STANDARD Perry Houston County
31071 STANDARD Pineview Wilcox County
31072 STANDARD Pitts Wilcox County
31075 STANDARD Rentz Laurens County
31076 STANDARD Reynolds Taylor County
31077 STANDARD Rhine Dodge County
31078 STANDARD Roberta Crawford County
31079 STANDARD Rochelle Wilcox County
31081 STANDARD Rupert Taylor County
31082 STANDARD Sandersville Washington County
31083 PO BOX Scotland Telfair County
31084 PO BOX Seville Wilcox County
31086 PO BOX Smarr Monroe County
31087 STANDARD Sparta Hancock County
31088 STANDARD Warner Robins Houston County
31089 STANDARD Tennille Washington County
31090 STANDARD Toomsboro Wilkinson County
31091 STANDARD Unadilla Dooly County
31092 STANDARD Vienna Dooly County
31093 STANDARD Warner Robins Houston County
31094 STANDARD Warthen Washington County
31095 PO BOX Warner Robins Houston County
31096 STANDARD Wrightsville Johnson County
31099 PO BOX Warner Robins Houston County
31106 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
31107 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
31119 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
31120 STANDARD Atlanta Fulton County
31131 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
31136 UNIQUE Atlanta Fulton County
31139 PO BOX Atlanta Fulton County
31169 UNIQUE Peachtree City Fayette County
31197 UNIQUE Atlanta Fulton County
31198 UNIQUE Atlanta Fulton County
31201 STANDARD Macon Bibb County
31202 PO BOX Macon Bibb County
31203 PO BOX Macon Bibb County
31205 PO BOX Macon Bibb County
31206 STANDARD Macon Bibb County
31207 UNIQUE Macon Bibb County
31208 PO BOX Macon Bibb County
31209 PO BOX Macon Bibb County
31210 STANDARD Macon Bibb County
31211 STANDARD Macon Bibb County
31212 PO BOX Macon Bibb County
31213 UNIQUE Macon Bibb County
31216 STANDARD Macon Bibb County
31217 STANDARD Macon Bibb County
31220 STANDARD Macon Bibb County
31221 PO BOX Macon Bibb County
31295 UNIQUE Macon Bibb County
31296 UNIQUE Macon Bibb County
31297 PO BOX Macon Bibb County
31301 STANDARD Allenhurst Liberty County
31302 STANDARD Bloomingdale Effingham County
31303 STANDARD Clyo Effingham County
31304 PO BOX Crescent McIntosh County
31305 STANDARD Darien McIntosh County
31307 PO BOX Eden Effingham County
31308 STANDARD Ellabell Bryan County
31309 STANDARD Fleming Liberty County
31310 PO BOX Hinesville Liberty County
31314 STANDARD Fort Stewart Liberty County
31315 STANDARD Fort Stewart Liberty County
31318 PO BOX Meldrim Effingham County
31319 PO BOX Meridian McIntosh County
31320 STANDARD Midway Liberty County
31321 STANDARD Pembroke Bryan County
31322 STANDARD Pooler Chatham County
31324 STANDARD Richmond Hill Bryan County
31326 STANDARD Rincon Effingham County
31327 PO BOX Sapelo Island McIntosh County
31328 STANDARD Tybee Island Chatham County
31329 STANDARD Springfield Effingham County
31333 PO BOX Walthourville Liberty County
31401 STANDARD Savannah Chatham County
31402 PO BOX Savannah Chatham County
31403 PO BOX Savannah Chatham County
31404 STANDARD Savannah Chatham County
31406 STANDARD Savannah Chatham County
31409 PO BOX Savannah Chatham County
31411 STANDARD Savannah Chatham County
31412 PO BOX Savannah Chatham County
31414 PO BOX Savannah Chatham County
31416 PO BOX Savannah Chatham County
31419 STANDARD Savannah Chatham County
31420 PO BOX Savannah Chatham County
31421 STANDARD Savannah Chatham County
31501 STANDARD Waycross Ware County
31502 PO BOX Waycross Ware County
31503 STANDARD Waycross Ware County
31512 STANDARD Ambrose Coffee County
31515 PO BOX Baxley Appling County
31516 STANDARD Blackshear Pierce County
31518 STANDARD Bristol Appling County
31521 PO BOX Brunswick Glynn County
31523 STANDARD Brunswick Glynn County
31527 STANDARD Jekyll Island Glynn County
31532 STANDARD Denton Jeff Davis County
31533 STANDARD Douglas Coffee County
31534 PO BOX Douglas Coffee County
31535 STANDARD Douglas Coffee County
31537 STANDARD Folkston Charlton County
31539 STANDARD Hazlehurst Jeff Davis County
31542 STANDARD Hoboken Brantley County
31543 STANDARD Hortense Brantley County
31544 STANDARD Jacksonville Telfair County
31546 STANDARD Jesup Wayne County
31547 STANDARD Kings Bay Camden County
31548 STANDARD Kingsland Camden County
31549 STANDARD Lumber City Telfair County
31550 STANDARD Manor Ware County
31551 STANDARD Mershon Pierce County
31552 STANDARD Millwood Ware County
31555 STANDARD Odum Wayne County
31556 PO BOX Offerman Pierce County
31557 STANDARD Patterson Pierce County
31558 STANDARD Saint Marys Camden County
31560 STANDARD Screven Wayne County
31561 PO BOX Sea Island Glynn County
31562 STANDARD Saint George Charlton County
31563 STANDARD Surrency Appling County
31564 PO BOX Waresboro Ware County
31566 STANDARD Waynesville Brantley County
31567 STANDARD West Green Coffee County
31568 STANDARD White Oak Camden County
31569 STANDARD Woodbine Camden County
31598 PO BOX Jesup Wayne County
31599 UNIQUE Jesup Wayne County
31602 STANDARD Valdosta Lowndes County
31603 PO BOX Valdosta Lowndes County
31604 PO BOX Valdosta Lowndes County
31605 STANDARD Valdosta Lowndes County
31606 STANDARD Valdosta Lowndes County
31620 STANDARD Adel Cook County
31623 PO BOX Argyle Clinch County
31624 STANDARD Axson Atkinson County
31625 STANDARD Barney Brooks County
31626 STANDARD Boston Thomas County
31627 PO BOX Cecil Cook County
31629 STANDARD Dixie Brooks County
31630 STANDARD Du Pont Clinch County
31631 STANDARD Fargo Clinch County
31632 STANDARD Hahira Lowndes County
31634 STANDARD Homerville Clinch County
31635 STANDARD Lakeland Lanier County
31636 STANDARD Lake Park Lowndes County
31637 STANDARD Lenox Cook County
31638 STANDARD Morven Brooks County
31639 STANDARD Nashville Berrien County
31641 STANDARD Naylor Lowndes County
31642 STANDARD Pearson Atkinson County
31643 STANDARD Quitman Brooks County
31645 STANDARD Ray City Berrien County
31647 STANDARD Sparks Cook County
31648 STANDARD Statenville Echols County
31649 STANDARD Stockton Lanier County
31650 STANDARD Willacoochee Atkinson County
31698 UNIQUE Valdosta Lowndes County
31699 UNIQUE Moody AFB Lowndes County
31701 STANDARD Albany Dougherty County
31702 PO BOX Albany Dougherty County
31703 PO BOX Albany Dougherty County
31704 UNIQUE Albany Dougherty County
31705 STANDARD Albany Dougherty County
31706 PO BOX Albany Dougherty County
31707 STANDARD Albany Dougherty County
31708 PO BOX Albany Dougherty County
31709 STANDARD Americus Sumter County
31711 STANDARD Andersonville Sumter County
31712 STANDARD Arabi Crisp County
31714 STANDARD Ashburn Turner County
31716 STANDARD Baconton Mitchell County
31719 STANDARD Americus Sumter County
31720 PO BOX Barwick Thomas County
31721 STANDARD Albany Dougherty County
31722 PO BOX Berlin Colquitt County
31727 PO BOX Brookfield Tift County
31730 STANDARD Camilla Mitchell County
31733 STANDARD Chula Tift County
31735 STANDARD Cobb Sumter County
31738 STANDARD Coolidge Thomas County
31739 PO BOX Cotton Mitchell County
31743 STANDARD De Soto Sumter County
31744 STANDARD Doerun Colquitt County
31747 PO BOX Ellenton Colquitt County
31749 STANDARD Enigma Berrien County
31750 STANDARD Fitzgerald Ben Hill County
31753 PO BOX Funston Colquitt County
31756 STANDARD Hartsfield Colquitt County
31757 STANDARD Thomasville Thomas County
31758 PO BOX Thomasville Thomas County
31760 PO BOX Irwinville Irwin County
31763 STANDARD Leesburg Lee County
31764 STANDARD Leslie Sumter County
31765 STANDARD Meigs Thomas County
31768 STANDARD Moultrie Colquitt County
31769 PO BOX Mystic Irwin County
31771 STANDARD Norman Park Colquitt County
31772 STANDARD Oakfield Worth County
31773 STANDARD Ochlocknee Thomas County
31774 STANDARD Ocilla Irwin County
31775 STANDARD Omega Tift County
31776 PO BOX Moultrie Colquitt County
31778 STANDARD Pavo Thomas County
31779 STANDARD Pelham Mitchell County
31780 STANDARD Plains Sumter County
31781 STANDARD Poulan Worth County
31782 PO BOX Putney Dougherty County
31783 STANDARD Rebecca Turner County
31784 STANDARD Sale City Mitchell County
31787 STANDARD Smithville Lee County
31788 STANDARD Moultrie Colquitt County
31789 STANDARD Sumner Worth County
31790 STANDARD Sycamore Turner County
31791 STANDARD Sylvester Worth County
31793 STANDARD Tifton Tift County
31795 STANDARD TY TY Tift County
31796 STANDARD Warwick Worth County
31798 STANDARD Wray Irwin County
31799 PO BOX Thomasville Thomas County
31801 STANDARD Box Springs Marion County
31803 STANDARD Buena Vista Marion County
31804 STANDARD Cataula Harris County
31805 STANDARD Cusseta Chattahoochee County
31806 STANDARD Ellaville Schley County
31807 STANDARD Ellerslie Harris County
31808 STANDARD Fortson Harris County
31810 PO BOX Geneva Talbot County
31811 STANDARD Hamilton Harris County
31812 STANDARD Junction City Talbot County
31814 PO BOX Louvale Stewart County
31815 STANDARD Lumpkin Stewart County
31816 STANDARD Manchester Meriwether County
31820 STANDARD Midland Muscogee County
31821 STANDARD Omaha Stewart County
31822 STANDARD Pine Mountain Harris County
31823 STANDARD Pine Mountain Valley Harris County
31824 STANDARD Preston Webster County
31825 STANDARD Richland Stewart County
31826 STANDARD Shiloh Harris County
31827 STANDARD Talbotton Talbot County
31829 STANDARD Upatoi Muscogee County
31830 STANDARD Warm Springs Meriwether County
31831 STANDARD Waverly Hall Harris County
31832 STANDARD Weston Webster County
31833 STANDARD West Point Troup County
31836 STANDARD Woodland Talbot County
31902 PO BOX Columbus Muscogee County
31907 STANDARD Columbus Muscogee County
31909 STANDARD Columbus Muscogee County
31914 PO BOX Columbus Muscogee County
31917 PO BOX Columbus Muscogee County
31993 UNIQUE Columbus Muscogee County
31995 PO BOX Fort Benning Chattahoochee County
31997 UNIQUE Columbus Muscogee County
31998 UNIQUE Columbus Muscogee County
31999 UNIQUE Columbus Muscogee County
39813 STANDARD Arlington Calhoun County
39815 STANDARD Attapulgus Decatur County
39818 PO BOX Bainbridge Decatur County
39819 STANDARD Bainbridge Decatur County
39823 STANDARD Blakely Early County
39824 STANDARD Bluffton Clay County
39825 STANDARD Brinson Decatur County
39826 STANDARD Bronwood Terrell County
39829 PO BOX Calvary Grady County
39832 PO BOX Cedar Springs Early County
39834 STANDARD Climax Decatur County
39836 STANDARD Coleman Randolph County
39837 STANDARD Colquitt Miller County
39840 STANDARD Cuthbert Randolph County
39841 STANDARD Damascus Early County
39842 STANDARD Dawson Terrell County
39845 STANDARD Donalsonville Seminole County
39846 STANDARD Edison Calhoun County
39851 STANDARD Fort Gaines Clay County
39852 PO BOX Fowlstown Decatur County
39854 STANDARD Georgetown Quitman County
39859 STANDARD Iron City Seminole County
39861 STANDARD Jakin Early County
39862 STANDARD Leary Calhoun County
39866 STANDARD Morgan Calhoun County
39867 STANDARD Morris Clay County
39870 STANDARD Newton Baker County
39877 STANDARD Parrott Terrell County
39885 PO BOX Sasser Terrell County
39886 STANDARD Shellman Randolph County
39897 STANDARD Whigham Grady County
39901 UNIQUE Atlanta Fulton County