New Hampshire Zip Code List, Zip codes from the state of New Hampshire

Following are the list of all the zip codes from the state New Hampshire. Click on the Zip code to see the details of each zip code from New Hampshire.

Zip Code Type City County
3031 STANDARD Amherst Hillsborough County
3032 STANDARD Auburn Rockingham County
3033 STANDARD Brookline Hillsborough County
3034 STANDARD Candia Rockingham County
3036 STANDARD Chester Rockingham County
3037 STANDARD Deerfield Rockingham County
3038 STANDARD Derry Rockingham County
3040 PO BOX East Candia Rockingham County
3041 PO BOX East Derry Rockingham County
3042 STANDARD Epping Rockingham County
3043 STANDARD Francestown Hillsborough County
3044 STANDARD Fremont Rockingham County
3045 STANDARD Goffstown Hillsborough County
3046 STANDARD Dunbarton Merrimack County
3047 STANDARD Greenfield Hillsborough County
3048 STANDARD Greenville Hillsborough County
3049 STANDARD Hollis Hillsborough County
3051 STANDARD Hudson Hillsborough County
3052 STANDARD Litchfield Hillsborough County
3053 STANDARD Londonderry Rockingham County
3054 STANDARD Merrimack Hillsborough County
3055 STANDARD Milford Hillsborough County
3060 STANDARD Nashua Hillsborough County
3061 PO BOX Nashua Hillsborough County
3062 STANDARD Nashua Hillsborough County
3063 STANDARD Nashua Hillsborough County
3064 STANDARD Nashua Hillsborough County
3070 STANDARD New Boston Hillsborough County
3071 STANDARD New Ipswich Hillsborough County
3076 STANDARD Pelham Hillsborough County
3077 STANDARD Raymond Rockingham County
3079 STANDARD Salem Rockingham County
3082 STANDARD Lyndeborough Hillsborough County
3084 STANDARD Temple Hillsborough County
3086 STANDARD Wilton Hillsborough County
3087 STANDARD Windham Rockingham County
3101 STANDARD Manchester Hillsborough County
3102 STANDARD Manchester Hillsborough County
3103 STANDARD Manchester Hillsborough County
3104 STANDARD Manchester Hillsborough County
3105 PO BOX Manchester Hillsborough County
3106 STANDARD Hooksett Merrimack County
3107 UNIQUE Manchester Hillsborough County
3108 PO BOX Manchester Hillsborough County
3109 STANDARD Manchester Hillsborough County
3110 STANDARD Bedford Hillsborough County
3111 UNIQUE Manchester Hillsborough County
3215 PO BOX Waterville Valley Grafton County
3216 STANDARD Andover Merrimack County
3217 STANDARD Ashland Grafton County
3218 STANDARD Barnstead Belknap County
3220 STANDARD Belmont Belknap County
3221 STANDARD Bradford Merrimack County
3222 STANDARD Bristol Grafton County
3224 STANDARD Canterbury Merrimack County
3225 STANDARD Center Barnstead Belknap County
3229 STANDARD Contoocook Merrimack County
3230 STANDARD Danbury Merrimack County
3231 PO BOX East Andover Merrimack County
3233 STANDARD Elkins Merrimack County
3234 STANDARD Epsom Merrimack County
3237 STANDARD Gilmanton Belknap County
3238 PO BOX Glencliff Grafton County
3240 STANDARD Grafton Grafton County
3242 STANDARD Henniker Merrimack County
3243 STANDARD Hill Merrimack County
3245 STANDARD Holderness Grafton County
3249 STANDARD Gilford Belknap County
3251 STANDARD Lincoln Grafton County
3252 PO BOX Lochmere Belknap County
3253 STANDARD Meredith Belknap County
3254 STANDARD Moultonborough Carroll County
3255 STANDARD Newbury Merrimack County
3256 STANDARD New Hampton Belknap County
3257 STANDARD New London Merrimack County
3258 STANDARD Chichester Merrimack County
3259 STANDARD North Sandwich Carroll County
3260 PO BOX North Sutton Merrimack County
3261 STANDARD Northwood Rockingham County
3262 STANDARD North Woodstock Grafton County
3263 STANDARD Pittsfield Merrimack County
3264 STANDARD Plymouth Grafton County
3268 STANDARD Salisbury Merrimack County
3269 STANDARD Sanbornton Belknap County
3272 PO BOX South Newbury Merrimack County
3273 PO BOX South Sutton Merrimack County
3274 PO BOX Stinson Lake Grafton County
3276 STANDARD Tilton Merrimack County
3278 STANDARD Warner Merrimack County
3279 STANDARD Warren Grafton County
3280 STANDARD Washington Sullivan County
3281 STANDARD Weare Hillsborough County
3282 STANDARD Wentworth Grafton County
3285 STANDARD Thornton Grafton County
3289 PO BOX Winnisquam Belknap County
3290 STANDARD Nottingham Rockingham County
3291 STANDARD West Nottingham Rockingham County
3293 PO BOX Woodstock Grafton County
3299 UNIQUE Tilton Belknap County
3301 STANDARD Concord Merrimack County
3302 PO BOX Concord Merrimack County
3304 STANDARD Bow Merrimack County
3305 UNIQUE Concord Merrimack County
3307 STANDARD Loudon Merrimack County
3435 UNIQUE Keene Cheshire County
3440 STANDARD Antrim Hillsborough County
3441 STANDARD Ashuelot Cheshire County
3442 STANDARD Bennington Hillsborough County
3443 STANDARD Chesterfield Cheshire County
3444 STANDARD Dublin Cheshire County
3447 STANDARD Fitzwilliam Cheshire County
3448 STANDARD Gilsum Cheshire County
3449 STANDARD Hancock Hillsborough County
3450 STANDARD Harrisville Cheshire County
3451 STANDARD Hinsdale Cheshire County
3452 STANDARD Jaffrey Cheshire County
3455 STANDARD Marlborough Cheshire County
3456 STANDARD Marlow Cheshire County
3457 STANDARD Nelson Cheshire County
3458 STANDARD Peterborough Hillsborough County
3461 STANDARD Rindge Cheshire County
3462 STANDARD Spofford Cheshire County
3464 STANDARD Stoddard Cheshire County
3465 STANDARD Troy Cheshire County
3466 STANDARD West Chesterfield Cheshire County
3467 STANDARD Westmoreland Cheshire County
3468 PO BOX West Peterborough Hillsborough County
3469 PO BOX West Swanzey Cheshire County
3470 STANDARD Winchester Cheshire County
3561 STANDARD Littleton Grafton County
3570 STANDARD Berlin Coos County
3574 STANDARD Bethlehem Grafton County
3575 PO BOX Bretton Woods Coos County
3580 STANDARD Franconia Grafton County
3581 STANDARD Gorham Coos County
3583 STANDARD Jefferson Coos County
3584 STANDARD Lancaster Coos County
3586 STANDARD Sugar Hill Grafton County
3588 STANDARD Milan Coos County
3589 PO BOX Mount Washington Coos County
3592 STANDARD Pittsburg Coos County
3593 STANDARD Randolph Coos County
3595 PO BOX Twin Mountain Coos County
3597 PO BOX West Stewartstown Coos County
3601 STANDARD Acworth Sullivan County
3603 STANDARD Charlestown Sullivan County
3604 PO BOX Drewsville Cheshire County
3605 STANDARD Lempster Sullivan County
3608 STANDARD Walpole Cheshire County
3740 STANDARD Bath Grafton County
3741 STANDARD Canaan Grafton County
3743 STANDARD Claremont Sullivan County
3745 STANDARD Cornish Sullivan County
3746 PO BOX Cornish Flat Sullivan County
3748 STANDARD Enfield Grafton County
3749 PO BOX Enfield Center Grafton County
3750 STANDARD Etna Grafton County
3751 PO BOX Georges Mills Sullivan County
3752 STANDARD Goshen Sullivan County
3753 STANDARD Grantham Sullivan County
3754 PO BOX Guild Sullivan County
3755 STANDARD Hanover Grafton County
3756 STANDARD Lebanon Grafton County
3765 STANDARD Haverhill Grafton County
3766 STANDARD Lebanon Grafton County
3768 STANDARD Lyme Grafton County
3769 PO BOX Lyme Center Grafton County
3770 STANDARD Meriden Sullivan County
3771 STANDARD Monroe Grafton County
3773 STANDARD Newport Sullivan County
3774 STANDARD North Haverhill Grafton County
3777 STANDARD Orford Grafton County
3779 STANDARD Piermont Grafton County
3780 STANDARD Pike Grafton County
3781 STANDARD Plainfield Sullivan County
3782 STANDARD Sunapee Sullivan County
3784 STANDARD West Lebanon Grafton County
3801 STANDARD Portsmouth Rockingham County
3802 PO BOX Portsmouth Rockingham County
3803 UNIQUE Portsmouth Rockingham County
3804 PO BOX Portsmouth Rockingham County
3805 STANDARD Newington Rockingham County
3809 STANDARD Alton Belknap County
3810 STANDARD Alton Bay Belknap County
3811 STANDARD Atkinson Rockingham County
3814 STANDARD Center Ossipee Carroll County
3815 PO BOX Center Strafford Strafford County
3817 STANDARD Chocorua Carroll County
3818 STANDARD Conway Carroll County
3820 STANDARD Dover Strafford County
3821 PO BOX Dover Strafford County
3822 UNIQUE Dover Strafford County
3823 STANDARD Madbury Strafford County
3824 STANDARD Durham Strafford County
3825 STANDARD Barrington Strafford County
3826 STANDARD East Hampstead Rockingham County
3830 STANDARD East Wakefield Carroll County
3835 STANDARD Farmington Strafford County
3836 STANDARD Freedom Carroll County
3837 STANDARD Gilmanton Iron Works Belknap County
3838 STANDARD Glen Carroll County
3839 STANDARD Rochester Strafford County
3840 STANDARD Greenland Rockingham County
3841 STANDARD Hampstead Rockingham County
3842 STANDARD Hampton Rockingham County
3843 PO BOX Hampton Rockingham County
3844 STANDARD Hampton Falls Rockingham County
3845 STANDARD Intervale Carroll County
3846 STANDARD Jackson Carroll County
3847 PO BOX Kearsarge Carroll County
3848 STANDARD Kingston Rockingham County
3849 STANDARD Madison Carroll County
3850 PO BOX Melvin Village Carroll County
3851 STANDARD Milton Strafford County
3852 STANDARD Milton Mills Strafford County
3853 STANDARD Mirror Lake Carroll County
3854 PO BOX New Castle Rockingham County
3855 STANDARD New Durham Strafford County
3856 STANDARD Newfields Rockingham County
3857 STANDARD Newmarket Rockingham County
3858 STANDARD Newton Rockingham County
3859 PO BOX Newton Junction Rockingham County
3861 STANDARD Lee Strafford County
3864 STANDARD Ossipee Carroll County
3865 STANDARD Plaistow Rockingham County
3866 PO BOX Rochester Strafford County
3867 STANDARD Rochester Strafford County
3869 STANDARD Rollinsford Strafford County
3870 STANDARD Rye Rockingham County
3871 PO BOX Rye Beach Rockingham County
3872 STANDARD Sanbornville Carroll County
3873 STANDARD Sandown Rockingham County
3874 STANDARD Seabrook Rockingham County
3875 STANDARD Silver Lake Carroll County
3878 STANDARD Somersworth Strafford County
3883 STANDARD South Tamworth Carroll County
3884 STANDARD Strafford Strafford County
3885 STANDARD Stratham Rockingham County
3886 STANDARD Tamworth Carroll County
3887 STANDARD Union Strafford County
3890 STANDARD West Ossipee Carroll County
3894 STANDARD Wolfeboro Carroll County
3896 PO BOX Wolfeboro Falls Carroll County
3897 STANDARD Wonalancet Carroll County