New Mexico Zip Code List, Zip codes from the state of New Mexico

Following are the list of all the zip codes from the state New Mexico. Click on the Zip code to see the details of each zip code from New Mexico.

Zip Code Type City County
87005 STANDARD Bluewater Cibola County
87008 STANDARD Cedar Crest Bernalillo County
87009 STANDARD Cedarvale Torrance County
87010 STANDARD Cerrillos Santa Fe County
87011 PO BOX Claunch Lincoln County
87012 STANDARD Coyote Rio Arriba County
87013 STANDARD Cuba Sandoval County
87014 STANDARD Cubero Cibola County
87015 STANDARD Edgewood Santa Fe County
87016 STANDARD Estancia Torrance County
87017 STANDARD Gallina Rio Arriba County
87021 PO BOX Milan Cibola County
87022 PO BOX Isleta Bernalillo County
87023 STANDARD Jarales Valencia County
87024 STANDARD Jemez Pueblo Sandoval County
87025 STANDARD Jemez Springs Sandoval County
87027 STANDARD La Jara Sandoval County
87028 STANDARD La Joya Socorro County
87031 STANDARD Los Lunas Valencia County
87032 PO BOX Mcintosh Torrance County
87035 STANDARD Moriarty Torrance County
87036 STANDARD Mountainair Torrance County
87037 PO BOX Nageezi San Juan County
87038 PO BOX New Laguna Cibola County
87040 PO BOX Paguate Cibola County
87041 STANDARD Pena Blanca Sandoval County
87042 STANDARD Peralta Valencia County
87043 STANDARD Placitas Sandoval County
87044 STANDARD Ponderosa Sandoval County
87045 STANDARD Prewitt McKinley County
87046 STANDARD Regina Sandoval County
87048 STANDARD Corrales Sandoval County
87049 PO BOX San Fidel Cibola County
87051 PO BOX San Rafael Cibola County
87053 STANDARD San Ysidro Sandoval County
87056 STANDARD Stanley Santa Fe County
87060 PO BOX Tome Valencia County
87061 PO BOX Torreon Torrance County
87062 STANDARD Veguita Socorro County
87064 STANDARD Youngsville Rio Arriba County
87068 STANDARD Bosque Farms Valencia County
87070 PO BOX Clines Corners Torrance County
87072 PO BOX Cochiti Pueblo Sandoval County
87083 STANDARD Cochiti Lake Sandoval County
87101 STANDARD Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87102 STANDARD Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87103 PO BOX Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87104 STANDARD Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87105 STANDARD Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87106 STANDARD Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87108 STANDARD Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87109 STANDARD Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87110 STANDARD Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87111 STANDARD Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87112 STANDARD Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87113 STANDARD Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87116 STANDARD Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87117 UNIQUE Kirtland AFB Bernalillo County
87119 PO BOX Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87120 STANDARD Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87121 STANDARD Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87122 STANDARD Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87123 STANDARD Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87125 PO BOX Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87144 STANDARD Rio Rancho Sandoval County
87151 UNIQUE Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87153 PO BOX Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87154 PO BOX Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87158 UNIQUE Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87165 PO BOX Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87174 PO BOX Rio Rancho Sandoval County
87176 PO BOX Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87181 PO BOX Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87184 PO BOX Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87185 PO BOX Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87187 PO BOX Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87190 PO BOX Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87191 PO BOX Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87192 PO BOX Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87193 PO BOX Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87194 PO BOX Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87195 PO BOX Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87197 PO BOX Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87198 PO BOX Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87199 PO BOX Albuquerque Bernalillo County
87302 UNIQUE Gallup Mckinley County
87305 PO BOX Gallup McKinley County
87310 PO BOX Brimhall McKinley County
87312 STANDARD Continental Divide McKinley County
87315 STANDARD Fence Lake Cibola County
87317 STANDARD Gamerco McKinley County
87319 PO BOX Mentmore McKinley County
87320 PO BOX Mexican Springs McKinley County
87322 PO BOX Rehoboth McKinley County
87323 STANDARD Thoreau McKinley County
87326 PO BOX Vanderwagen McKinley County
87328 PO BOX Navajo McKinley County
87357 PO BOX Pinehill Cibola County
87364 PO BOX Sheep Springs San Juan County
87365 PO BOX Smith Lake McKinley County
87375 PO BOX Yatahey McKinley County
87402 STANDARD Farmington San Juan County
87410 STANDARD Aztec San Juan County
87415 STANDARD Flora Vista San Juan County
87416 STANDARD Fruitland San Juan County
87417 STANDARD Kirtland San Juan County
87418 STANDARD La Plata San Juan County
87419 STANDARD Navajo Dam San Juan County
87421 STANDARD Waterflow San Juan County
87455 PO BOX Newcomb San Juan County
87461 PO BOX Sanostee San Juan County
87499 PO BOX Farmington San Juan County
87502 PO BOX Santa Fe Santa Fe County
87503 UNIQUE Santa Fe Santa Fe County
87504 PO BOX Santa Fe Santa Fe County
87505 STANDARD Santa Fe Santa Fe County
87507 STANDARD Santa Fe Santa Fe County
87508 STANDARD Santa Fe Santa Fe County
87509 UNIQUE Santa Fe Santa Fe County
87510 STANDARD Abiquiu Rio Arriba County
87512 PO BOX Amalia Taos County
87513 PO BOX Arroyo Hondo Taos County
87514 PO BOX Arroyo Seco Taos County
87515 PO BOX Canjilon Rio Arriba County
87516 STANDARD Canones Rio Arriba County
87517 PO BOX Carson Taos County
87518 PO BOX Cebolla Rio Arriba County
87519 PO BOX Cerro Taos County
87520 STANDARD Chama Rio Arriba County
87521 STANDARD Chamisal Taos County
87523 PO BOX Cordova Rio Arriba County
87524 PO BOX Costilla Taos County
87525 PO BOX Taos Ski Valley Taos County
87527 PO BOX Dixon Rio Arriba County
87528 STANDARD Dulce Rio Arriba County
87529 STANDARD El Prado Taos County
87533 PO BOX Espanola Rio Arriba County
87539 STANDARD La Madera Rio Arriba County
87543 PO BOX Llano Taos County
87544 STANDARD Los Alamos Los Alamos County
87545 UNIQUE Los Alamos Los Alamos County
87547 STANDARD White Rock
87549 STANDARD Ojo Caliente Rio Arriba County
87551 STANDARD Los Ojos Rio Arriba County
87554 PO BOX Petaca Rio Arriba County
87558 PO BOX Red River Taos County
87562 PO BOX Rowe San Miguel County
87564 PO BOX San Cristobal Taos County
87567 STANDARD Santa Cruz Santa Fe County
87573 STANDARD Tererro San Miguel County
87574 PO BOX Tesuque Santa Fe County
87576 STANDARD Trampas Taos County
87577 PO BOX Tres Piedras Taos County
87578 PO BOX Truchas Rio Arriba County
87580 STANDARD Valdez Taos County
87581 STANDARD Vallecitos Rio Arriba County
87592 PO BOX Santa Fe Santa Fe County
87594 PO BOX Santa Fe Santa Fe County
87654 UNIQUE Spaceport City
87710 PO BOX Angel Fire Colfax County
87712 PO BOX Buena Vista Mora County
87713 STANDARD Chacon Mora County
87714 STANDARD Cimarron Colfax County
87715 STANDARD Cleveland Mora County
87718 STANDARD Eagle Nest Colfax County
87722 STANDARD Guadalupita Mora County
87723 STANDARD Holman Mora County
87724 STANDARD La Loma Guadalupe County
87728 STANDARD Maxwell Colfax County
87729 STANDARD Miami Colfax County
87730 STANDARD Mills Harding County
87732 STANDARD Mora Mora County
87733 STANDARD Mosquero Harding County
87734 STANDARD Ocate Mora County
87735 STANDARD Ojo Feliz Mora County
87736 PO BOX Rainsville Mora County
87740 STANDARD Raton Colfax County
87742 STANDARD Rociada San Miguel County
87743 STANDARD Roy Harding County
87745 STANDARD Sapello San Miguel County
87746 STANDARD Solano San Miguel County
87747 STANDARD Springer Colfax County
87749 PO BOX Ute Park Colfax County
87750 STANDARD Valmora Mora County
87752 STANDARD Wagon Mound Mora County
87753 PO BOX Watrous Mora County
87820 STANDARD Aragon Catron County
87821 STANDARD Datil Catron County
87823 STANDARD Lemitar Socorro County
87824 PO BOX Luna Catron County
87825 STANDARD Magdalena Socorro County
87827 STANDARD Pie Town Catron County
87828 STANDARD Polvadera Socorro County
87831 STANDARD San Acacia Socorro County
87832 STANDARD San Antonio Socorro County
87930 STANDARD Arrey Sierra County
87931 STANDARD Caballo Sierra County
87933 STANDARD Derry Sierra County
87936 STANDARD Garfield Dona Ana County
87937 STANDARD Hatch Dona Ana County
87939 STANDARD Monticello Sierra County
87940 STANDARD Rincon Dona Ana County
87941 STANDARD Salem Dona Ana County
87942 STANDARD Williamsburg Sierra County
88001 STANDARD Las Cruces Dona Ana County
88003 PO BOX Las Cruces Dona Ana County
88004 PO BOX Las Cruces Dona Ana County
88005 STANDARD Las Cruces Dona Ana County
88006 PO BOX Las Cruces Dona Ana County
88007 STANDARD Las Cruces Dona Ana County
88008 STANDARD Santa Teresa Dona Ana County
88009 PO BOX Playas Hidalgo County
88011 STANDARD Las Cruces Dona Ana County
88012 STANDARD Las Cruces Dona Ana County
88013 PO BOX Las Cruces Dona Ana County
88021 STANDARD Anthony Dona Ana County
88022 STANDARD Arenas Valley Grant County
88023 STANDARD Bayard Grant County
88024 PO BOX Berino Dona Ana County
88025 STANDARD Buckhorn Grant County
88026 PO BOX Santa Clara Grant County
88027 PO BOX Chamberino Dona Ana County
88028 PO BOX Cliff Grant County
88029 PO BOX Columbus Luna County
88031 PO BOX Deming Luna County
88032 PO BOX Dona Ana Dona Ana County
88033 PO BOX Fairacres Dona Ana County
88034 STANDARD Faywood Grant County
88036 PO BOX Fort Bayard Grant County
88038 PO BOX Gila Grant County
88040 PO BOX Hachita Grant County
88042 STANDARD Hillsboro Sierra County
88044 STANDARD La Mesa Dona Ana County
88046 PO BOX Mesilla Dona Ana County
88047 STANDARD Mesilla Park Dona Ana County
88048 STANDARD Mesquite Dona Ana County
88049 STANDARD Mimbres Grant County
88051 PO BOX Mule Creek Grant County
88052 PO BOX Organ Dona Ana County
88053 PO BOX Pinos Altos Grant County
88054 PO BOX Radium Springs Dona Ana County
88055 PO BOX Redrock Grant County
88056 PO BOX Rodeo Hidalgo County
88058 PO BOX San Miguel Dona Ana County
88062 PO BOX Silver City Grant County
88063 STANDARD Sunland Park Dona Ana County
88065 PO BOX Tyrone Grant County
88072 STANDARD Vado Dona Ana County
88081 STANDARD Chaparral Otero County
88101 STANDARD Clovis Curry County
88102 PO BOX Clovis Curry County
88103 PO BOX Cannon AFB Curry County
88112 STANDARD Broadview Curry County
88113 STANDARD Causey Roosevelt County
88114 STANDARD Crossroads Lea County
88115 PO BOX Dora Roosevelt County
88116 STANDARD Elida Roosevelt County
88119 STANDARD Fort Sumner De Baca County
88120 STANDARD Grady Curry County
88121 STANDARD House Quay County
88122 PO BOX Kenna Roosevelt County
88123 STANDARD Lingo Roosevelt County
88124 STANDARD Melrose Curry County
88125 STANDARD Milnesand Roosevelt County
88126 STANDARD Pep Roosevelt County
88132 STANDARD Rogers Roosevelt County
88133 STANDARD Saint Vrain Curry County
88134 STANDARD Taiban De Baca County
88135 STANDARD Texico Curry County
88136 STANDARD Yeso De Baca County
88202 PO BOX Roswell Chaves County
88203 STANDARD Roswell Chaves County
88210 STANDARD Artesia Eddy County
88211 PO BOX Artesia Eddy County
88213 STANDARD Caprock Lea County
88221 PO BOX Carlsbad Eddy County
88230 STANDARD Dexter Chaves County
88231 PO BOX Eunice Lea County
88232 STANDARD Hagerman Chaves County
88240 STANDARD Hobbs Lea County
88241 PO BOX Hobbs Lea County
88242 STANDARD Hobbs Lea County
88244 UNIQUE Hobbs Lea County
88250 STANDARD Hope Eddy County
88252 STANDARD Jal Lea County
88253 STANDARD Lake Arthur Chaves County
88254 PO BOX Lakewood Eddy County
88255 PO BOX Loco Hills Eddy County
88256 STANDARD Loving Eddy County
88260 STANDARD Lovington Lea County
88262 PO BOX Mcdonald Lea County
88263 PO BOX Malaga Eddy County
88264 STANDARD Maljamar Lea County
88265 STANDARD Monument Lea County
88267 STANDARD Tatum Lea County
88268 PO BOX Whites City Eddy County
88310 STANDARD Alamogordo Otero County
88311 PO BOX Alamogordo Otero County
88312 STANDARD Alto Lincoln County
88314 STANDARD Bent Otero County
88316 STANDARD Capitan Lincoln County
88317 STANDARD Cloudcroft Otero County
88318 STANDARD Corona Lincoln County
88321 STANDARD Encino Torrance County
88323 PO BOX Fort Stanton Lincoln County
88324 STANDARD Glencoe Lincoln County
88330 STANDARD Holloman Air Force Base Otero County
88336 STANDARD Hondo Lincoln County
88337 STANDARD La Luz Otero County
88338 PO BOX Lincoln Lincoln County
88339 STANDARD Mayhill Otero County
88340 STANDARD Mescalero Otero County
88341 STANDARD Nogal Lincoln County
88342 PO BOX Orogrande Otero County
88343 PO BOX Picacho Lincoln County
88344 STANDARD Pinon Otero County
88346 STANDARD Ruidoso Downs Lincoln County
88347 STANDARD Sacramento Otero County
88348 STANDARD San Patricio Lincoln County
88349 PO BOX Sunspot Otero County
88350 PO BOX Timberon Otero County
88351 STANDARD Tinnie Lincoln County
88352 STANDARD Tularosa Otero County
88353 PO BOX Vaughn Guadalupe County
88354 STANDARD Weed Otero County
88355 PO BOX Ruidoso Lincoln County
88401 STANDARD Tucumcari Quay County
88411 STANDARD Bard Quay County
88414 STANDARD Capulin Union County
88416 PO BOX Conchas Dam San Miguel County
88417 STANDARD Cuervo Guadalupe County
88418 STANDARD Des Moines Union County
88419 STANDARD Folsom Union County
88421 STANDARD Garita San Miguel County
88422 STANDARD Gladstone Union County
88426 STANDARD Logan Quay County
88427 STANDARD Mcalister Quay County
88430 STANDARD Nara Visa Quay County
88431 STANDARD Newkirk Guadalupe County
88433 STANDARD Quay Quay County
88434 STANDARD San Jon Quay County
88436 STANDARD Sedan Union County
88439 STANDARD Trementina San Miguel County