South Carolina Zip Code List, Zip codes from the state of South Carolina

Following are the list of all the zip codes from the state South Carolina. Click on the Zip code to see the details of each zip code from South Carolina.

Zip Code Type City County
29001 STANDARD Alcolu Clarendon County
29002 PO BOX Ballentine Richland County
29003 STANDARD Bamberg Bamberg County
29009 STANDARD Bethune Kershaw County
29015 STANDARD Blair Fairfield County
29016 STANDARD Blythewood Richland County
29018 STANDARD Bowman Orangeburg County
29030 STANDARD Cameron Calhoun County
29032 STANDARD Cassatt Kershaw County
29033 STANDARD Cayce Lexington County
29036 STANDARD Chapin Lexington County
29037 STANDARD Chappells Newberry County
29038 STANDARD Cope Orangeburg County
29039 STANDARD Cordova Orangeburg County
29041 PO BOX Davis Station Clarendon County
29042 STANDARD Denmark Bamberg County
29045 STANDARD Elgin Kershaw County
29046 PO BOX Elliott Lee County
29047 STANDARD Elloree Orangeburg County
29051 STANDARD Gable Sumter County
29052 STANDARD Gadsden Richland County
29053 STANDARD Gaston Lexington County
29054 STANDARD Gilbert Lexington County
29055 STANDARD Great Falls Chester County
29056 STANDARD Greeleyville Williamsburg County
29059 STANDARD Holly Hill Orangeburg County
29061 STANDARD Hopkins Richland County
29062 PO BOX Horatio Sumter County
29063 STANDARD Irmo Richland County
29065 STANDARD Jenkinsville Fairfield County
29071 PO BOX Lexington Lexington County
29073 STANDARD Lexington Lexington County
29074 PO BOX Liberty Hill Kershaw County
29075 STANDARD Little Mountain Newberry County
29078 STANDARD Lugoff Kershaw County
29079 PO BOX Lydia Darlington County
29081 STANDARD Ehrhardt Bamberg County
29082 STANDARD Lodge Colleton County
29104 STANDARD Mayesville Sumter County
29107 STANDARD Neeses Orangeburg County
29108 STANDARD Newberry Newberry County
29112 STANDARD North Orangeburg County
29113 STANDARD Norway Orangeburg County
29114 STANDARD Olanta Florence County
29116 PO BOX Orangeburg Orangeburg County
29117 UNIQUE Orangeburg Orangeburg County
29118 STANDARD Orangeburg Orangeburg County
29122 PO BOX Peak Newberry County
29123 STANDARD Pelion Lexington County
29126 STANDARD Pomaria Newberry County
29129 STANDARD Ridge Spring Aiken County
29132 PO BOX Rion Fairfield County
29133 STANDARD Rowesville Orangeburg County
29142 STANDARD Santee Orangeburg County
29143 PO BOX Sardinia Clarendon County
29145 STANDARD Silverstreet Newberry County
29146 STANDARD Springfield Orangeburg County
29147 PO BOX State Park Richland County
29151 PO BOX Sumter Sumter County
29152 STANDARD Shaw AFB Sumter County
29153 STANDARD Sumter Sumter County
29154 STANDARD Sumter Sumter County
29160 STANDARD Swansea Lexington County
29162 STANDARD Turbeville Clarendon County
29163 STANDARD Vance Orangeburg County
29166 STANDARD Ward Saluda County
29168 STANDARD Wedgefield Sumter County
29170 STANDARD West Columbia Lexington County
29171 PO BOX West Columbia Lexington County
29172 STANDARD West Columbia Lexington County
29177 PO BOX White Rock Richland County
29178 STANDARD Whitmire Newberry County
29202 PO BOX Columbia Richland County
29205 STANDARD Columbia Richland County
29207 PO BOX Columbia Richland County
29210 STANDARD Columbia Richland County
29211 PO BOX Columbia Richland County
29212 STANDARD Columbia Lexington County
29214 UNIQUE Columbia Richland County
29215 UNIQUE Columbia Richland County
29216 UNIQUE Columbia Richland County
29217 UNIQUE Columbia Richland County
29218 UNIQUE Columbia Richland County
29219 UNIQUE Columbia Richland County
29220 UNIQUE Columbia Richland County
29221 PO BOX Columbia Richland County
29222 STANDARD Columbia Richland County
29224 PO BOX Columbia Richland County
29225 UNIQUE Columbia Richland County
29226 UNIQUE Columbia Richland County
29227 UNIQUE Columbia Richland County
29228 PO BOX Columbia Richland County
29229 STANDARD Columbia Richland County
29230 PO BOX Columbia Richland County
29240 PO BOX Columbia Richland County
29250 PO BOX Columbia Richland County
29260 PO BOX Columbia Richland County
29290 PO BOX Columbia Richland County
29292 PO BOX Columbia Richland County
29301 STANDARD Spartanburg Spartanburg County
29302 STANDARD Spartanburg Spartanburg County
29303 STANDARD Spartanburg Spartanburg County
29304 PO BOX Spartanburg Spartanburg County
29305 PO BOX Spartanburg Spartanburg County
29306 STANDARD Spartanburg Spartanburg County
29307 STANDARD Spartanburg Spartanburg County
29318 STANDARD Boiling Springs Spartanburg County
29320 PO BOX Arcadia Spartanburg County
29321 STANDARD Buffalo Union County
29322 STANDARD Campobello Spartanburg County
29323 STANDARD Chesnee Spartanburg County
29324 PO BOX Clifton Spartanburg County
29325 STANDARD Clinton Laurens County
29329 PO BOX Converse Spartanburg County
29330 STANDARD Cowpens Spartanburg County
29331 PO BOX Cross Anchor Spartanburg County
29332 STANDARD Cross Hill Laurens County
29333 PO BOX Drayton Spartanburg County
29334 STANDARD Duncan Spartanburg County
29335 STANDARD Enoree Spartanburg County
29336 PO BOX Fairforest Spartanburg County
29338 PO BOX Fingerville Spartanburg County
29340 STANDARD Gaffney Cherokee County
29341 STANDARD Gaffney Cherokee County
29342 PO BOX Gaffney Cherokee County
29346 PO BOX Glendale Spartanburg County
29348 PO BOX Gramling Spartanburg County
29349 STANDARD Inman Spartanburg County
29351 STANDARD Joanna Laurens County
29353 STANDARD Jonesville Union County
29355 STANDARD Kinards Laurens County
29356 STANDARD Landrum Spartanburg County
29360 STANDARD Laurens Laurens County
29364 PO BOX Lockhart Union County
29365 STANDARD Lyman Spartanburg County
29368 PO BOX Mayo Spartanburg County
29369 STANDARD Moore Spartanburg County
29370 STANDARD Mountville Laurens County
29372 STANDARD Pacolet Spartanburg County
29373 PO BOX Pacolet Mills Spartanburg County
29374 STANDARD Pauline Spartanburg County
29375 PO BOX Reidville Spartanburg County
29376 STANDARD Roebuck Spartanburg County
29377 PO BOX Startex Spartanburg County
29378 PO BOX Una Spartanburg County
29379 STANDARD Union Union County
29384 STANDARD Waterloo Laurens County
29385 STANDARD Wellford Spartanburg County
29386 PO BOX White Stone Spartanburg County
29388 STANDARD Woodruff Spartanburg County
29390 UNIQUE Duncan Spartanburg County
29391 UNIQUE Duncan Spartanburg County
29395 UNIQUE Jonesville Union County
29401 STANDARD Charleston Charleston County
29402 PO BOX Charleston Charleston County
29403 STANDARD Charleston Charleston County
29413 PO BOX Charleston Charleston County
29414 STANDARD Charleston Charleston County
29416 PO BOX Charleston Charleston County
29417 PO BOX Charleston Charleston County
29422 PO BOX Charleston Charleston County
29426 STANDARD Adams Run Charleston County
29430 PO BOX Bethera Berkeley County
29431 STANDARD Bonneau Berkeley County
29432 STANDARD Branchville Orangeburg County
29433 PO BOX Canadys Colleton County
29434 STANDARD Cordesville Berkeley County
29435 STANDARD Cottageville Colleton County
29436 STANDARD Cross Berkeley County
29437 STANDARD Dorchester Dorchester County
29438 STANDARD Edisto Island Charleston County
29439 PO BOX Folly Beach Charleston County
29440 STANDARD Georgetown Georgetown County
29442 PO BOX Georgetown Georgetown County
29445 STANDARD Goose Creek Berkeley County
29446 STANDARD Green Pond Colleton County
29447 PO BOX Grover Dorchester County
29448 STANDARD Harleyville Dorchester County
29450 STANDARD Huger Berkeley County
29451 STANDARD Isle Of Palms Charleston County
29452 PO BOX Jacksonboro Colleton County
29453 STANDARD Jamestown Berkeley County
29456 STANDARD Ladson Dorchester County
29457 PO BOX Johns Island Charleston County
29458 STANDARD Mc Clellanville Charleston County
29461 STANDARD Moncks Corner Berkeley County
29464 STANDARD Mount Pleasant Charleston County
29465 PO BOX Mount Pleasant Charleston County
29466 STANDARD Mount Pleasant Charleston County
29468 STANDARD Pineville Berkeley County
29469 STANDARD Pinopolis Berkeley County
29470 STANDARD Ravenel Charleston County
29471 STANDARD Reevesville Dorchester County
29472 STANDARD Ridgeville Dorchester County
29474 STANDARD Round O Colleton County
29475 STANDARD Ruffin Colleton County
29476 PO BOX Russellville Berkeley County
29477 STANDARD Saint George Dorchester County
29479 STANDARD Saint Stephen Berkeley County
29481 STANDARD Smoaks Colleton County
29482 STANDARD Sullivans Island Charleston County
29483 STANDARD Summerville Dorchester County
29484 PO BOX Summerville Dorchester County
29487 STANDARD Wadmalaw Island Charleston County
29488 STANDARD Walterboro Colleton County
29493 PO BOX Williams Colleton County
29501 STANDARD Florence Florence County
29502 PO BOX Florence Florence County
29503 PO BOX Florence Florence County
29504 PO BOX Florence Florence County
29505 STANDARD Florence Florence County
29506 STANDARD Florence Florence County
29510 STANDARD Andrews Georgetown County
29511 STANDARD Aynor Horry County
29512 STANDARD Bennettsville Marlboro County
29516 STANDARD Blenheim Marlboro County
29518 STANDARD Cades Williamsburg County
29519 PO BOX Centenary Marion County
29520 STANDARD Cheraw Chesterfield County
29525 STANDARD Clio Marlboro County
29526 STANDARD Conway Horry County
29527 STANDARD Conway Horry County
29528 PO BOX Conway Horry County
29530 STANDARD Coward Florence County
29532 STANDARD Darlington Darlington County
29536 STANDARD Dillon Dillon County
29540 STANDARD Darlington Darlington County
29541 STANDARD Effingham Florence County
29543 STANDARD Fork Dillon County
29545 STANDARD Green Sea Horry County
29546 STANDARD Gresham Marion County
29550 STANDARD Hartsville Darlington County
29551 PO BOX Hartsville Darlington County
29554 STANDARD Hemingway Williamsburg County
29555 STANDARD Johnsonville Florence County
29556 STANDARD Kingstree Williamsburg County
29560 STANDARD Lake City Florence County
29563 STANDARD Lake View Dillon County
29564 STANDARD Lane Williamsburg County
29565 STANDARD Latta Dillon County
29566 STANDARD Little River Horry County
29567 STANDARD Little Rock Dillon County
29568 STANDARD Longs Horry County
29569 STANDARD Loris Horry County
29570 STANDARD Mc Coll Marlboro County
29571 STANDARD Marion Marion County
29572 STANDARD Myrtle Beach Horry County
29573 PO BOX Minturn Dillon County
29574 STANDARD Mullins Marion County
29577 STANDARD Myrtle Beach Horry County
29578 PO BOX Myrtle Beach Horry County
29579 STANDARD Myrtle Beach Horry County
29580 STANDARD Nesmith Williamsburg County
29581 STANDARD Nichols Horry County
29583 STANDARD Pamplico Florence County
29584 STANDARD Patrick Chesterfield County
29588 STANDARD Myrtle Beach Horry County
29589 PO BOX Rains Marion County
29590 STANDARD Salters Williamsburg County
29591 STANDARD Scranton Florence County
29592 STANDARD Sellers Dillon County
29593 STANDARD Society Hill Darlington County
29594 PO BOX Tatum Marlboro County
29596 STANDARD Wallace Marlboro County
29597 PO BOX North Myrtle Beach Horry County
29598 PO BOX North Myrtle Beach Horry County
29601 STANDARD Greenville Greenville County
29602 PO BOX Greenville Greenville County
29603 PO BOX Greenville Greenville County
29604 PO BOX Greenville Greenville County
29605 STANDARD Greenville Greenville County
29606 PO BOX Greenville Greenville County
29609 STANDARD Greenville Greenville County
29610 PO BOX Greenville Greenville County
29611 STANDARD Greenville Greenville County
29612 PO BOX Greenville Greenville County
29615 STANDARD Greenville Greenville County
29616 PO BOX Greenville Greenville County
29617 STANDARD Greenville Greenville County
29620 STANDARD Abbeville Abbeville County
29621 STANDARD Anderson Anderson County
29622 PO BOX Anderson Anderson County
29623 PO BOX Anderson Anderson County
29624 STANDARD Anderson Anderson County
29625 STANDARD Anderson Anderson County
29626 STANDARD Anderson Anderson County
29627 STANDARD Belton Anderson County
29628 STANDARD Calhoun Falls Abbeville County
29630 STANDARD Central Pickens County
29631 STANDARD Clemson Pickens County
29632 UNIQUE Clemson Pickens County
29633 PO BOX Clemson Pickens County
29634 UNIQUE Clemson Pickens County
29635 STANDARD Cleveland Greenville County
29636 PO BOX Conestee Greenville County
29639 STANDARD Due West Abbeville County
29640 STANDARD Easley Pickens County
29641 PO BOX Easley Pickens County
29642 STANDARD Easley Pickens County
29643 STANDARD Fair Play Oconee County
29644 STANDARD Fountain Inn Greenville County
29645 STANDARD Gray Court Laurens County
29646 STANDARD Greenwood Greenwood County
29648 PO BOX Greenwood Greenwood County
29649 STANDARD Greenwood Greenwood County
29650 STANDARD Greer Greenville County
29651 STANDARD Greer Greenville County
29652 PO BOX Greer Spartanburg County
29653 STANDARD Hodges Greenwood County
29654 STANDARD Honea Path Anderson County
29655 STANDARD Iva Anderson County
29656 PO BOX La France Anderson County
29657 STANDARD Liberty Pickens County
29658 STANDARD Long Creek Oconee County
29659 PO BOX Lowndesville Abbeville County
29661 STANDARD Marietta Greenville County
29662 STANDARD Mauldin Greenville County
29664 STANDARD Mountain Rest Oconee County
29665 PO BOX Newry Oconee County
29666 STANDARD Ninety Six Greenwood County
29667 STANDARD Norris Pickens County
29669 STANDARD Pelzer Anderson County
29670 STANDARD Pendleton Anderson County
29671 STANDARD Pickens Pickens County
29672 STANDARD Seneca Oconee County
29673 STANDARD Piedmont Greenville County
29675 PO BOX Richland Oconee County
29676 STANDARD Salem Oconee County
29677 PO BOX Sandy Springs Anderson County
29678 STANDARD Seneca Oconee County
29679 PO BOX Seneca Oconee County
29680 STANDARD Simpsonville Greenville County
29681 STANDARD Simpsonville Greenville County
29682 STANDARD Six Mile Pickens County
29683 PO BOX Slater Greenville County
29684 STANDARD Starr Anderson County
29685 STANDARD Sunset Pickens County
29686 STANDARD Tamassee Oconee County
29687 STANDARD Taylors Greenville County
29688 PO BOX Tigerville Greenville County
29689 STANDARD Townville Anderson County
29690 STANDARD Travelers Rest Greenville County
29691 STANDARD Walhalla Oconee County
29692 STANDARD Ware Shoals Laurens County
29693 STANDARD Westminster Oconee County
29695 UNIQUE Hodges Greenwood County
29696 STANDARD West Union Oconee County
29697 STANDARD Williamston Anderson County
29698 UNIQUE Greenville Greenville County
29703 PO BOX Bowling Green York County
29704 STANDARD Catawba York County
29706 STANDARD Chester Chester County
29707 STANDARD Fort Mill Lancaster County
29708 STANDARD Fort Mill York County
29709 STANDARD Chesterfield Chesterfield County
29712 STANDARD Edgemoor Chester County
29714 STANDARD Fort Lawn Chester County
29715 STANDARD Fort Mill York County
29716 PO BOX Fort Mill York County
29717 STANDARD Hickory Grove York County
29718 STANDARD Jefferson Chesterfield County
29720 STANDARD Lancaster Lancaster County
29721 PO BOX Lancaster Lancaster County
29722 UNIQUE Lancaster Lancaster County
29724 PO BOX Lando Chester County
29726 STANDARD Mc Connells York County
29727 STANDARD Mount Croghan Chesterfield County
29728 STANDARD Pageland Chesterfield County
29729 STANDARD Richburg Chester County
29730 STANDARD Rock Hill York County
29731 PO BOX Rock Hill York County
29732 STANDARD Rock Hill York County
29734 STANDARD Rock Hill York County
29741 STANDARD Ruby Chesterfield County
29744 PO BOX Van Wyck Lancaster County
29745 STANDARD York York County
29801 STANDARD Aiken Aiken County
29802 PO BOX Aiken Aiken County
29803 STANDARD Aiken Aiken County
29804 PO BOX Aiken Aiken County
29805 STANDARD Aiken Aiken County
29808 UNIQUE Aiken Aiken County
29809 STANDARD New Ellenton Aiken County
29810 STANDARD Allendale Allendale County
29812 STANDARD Barnwell Barnwell County
29813 PO BOX Hilda Barnwell County
29816 PO BOX Bath Aiken County
29817 STANDARD Blackville Barnwell County
29821 STANDARD Clarks Hill McCormick County
29822 PO BOX Clearwater Aiken County
29826 PO BOX Elko Barnwell County
29827 STANDARD Fairfax Allendale County
29828 STANDARD Gloverville Aiken County
29829 STANDARD Graniteville Aiken County
29832 STANDARD Johnston Edgefield County
29834 PO BOX Langley Aiken County
29836 STANDARD Martin Allendale County
29838 STANDARD Modoc Edgefield County
29839 PO BOX Montmorenci Aiken County
29840 STANDARD Mount Carmel McCormick County
29842 STANDARD Beech Island Aiken County
29843 STANDARD Olar Bamberg County
29844 PO BOX Parksville McCormick County
29845 STANDARD Plum Branch McCormick County
29846 PO BOX Sycamore Allendale County
29847 STANDARD Trenton Edgefield County
29848 STANDARD Troy Greenwood County
29849 STANDARD Ulmer Allendale County
29850 PO BOX Vaucluse Aiken County
29853 STANDARD Williston Barnwell County
29856 STANDARD Windsor Aiken County
29860 STANDARD North Augusta Edgefield County
29861 PO BOX North Augusta Aiken County
29899 UNIQUE Mc Cormick McCormick County
29901 PO BOX Beaufort Beaufort County
29903 PO BOX Beaufort Beaufort County
29904 PO BOX Beaufort Beaufort County
29905 PO BOX Parris Island Beaufort County
29906 STANDARD Beaufort Beaufort County
29907 STANDARD Beaufort Beaufort County
29911 STANDARD Brunson Hampton County
29912 STANDARD Coosawhatchie Jasper County
29913 PO BOX Crocketville Hampton County
29914 PO BOX Dale Beaufort County
29915 STANDARD Daufuskie Island Beaufort County
29918 STANDARD Estill Hampton County
29921 PO BOX Furman Hampton County
29923 PO BOX Gifford Hampton County
29924 STANDARD Hampton Hampton County
29925 PO BOX Hilton Head Island Beaufort County
29926 STANDARD Hilton Head Island Beaufort County
29928 STANDARD Hilton Head Island Beaufort County
29931 PO BOX Lobeco Beaufort County
29932 STANDARD Luray Hampton County
29933 PO BOX Miley Hampton County
29934 STANDARD Pineland Jasper County
29935 STANDARD Port Royal Beaufort County
29938 PO BOX Hilton Head Island Beaufort County
29939 PO BOX Scotia Hampton County
29940 STANDARD Seabrook Beaufort County
29941 STANDARD Sheldon Beaufort County
29943 STANDARD Tillman Jasper County
29944 STANDARD Varnville Hampton County