Apple Watch Series 9 – All You Need to Know

The Apple Watch has completely changed how we perceive wearable technology. Apple has expanded the features of a smartwatch with each new version. And now that the Apple Watch Series 9 is almost out, it’s time to look more closely at what to expect from this widely awaited gadget.

This article will examine the latest Apple Watch Series 9 rumors and leaks and the probable new features, design improvements, and upgrades expected to make this wristwatch the best yet. So whether you’re a die-hard Apple Watch fan or just curious about the latest improvements in wearable technology, this article will show you all you need to know about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 9.

Expected Design and specs of Apple Watch Series 9

Apple Watch Series 9

1. S9 chip

Every new Apple Watch has a different chip listed in the tech specs. However, it’s strange that the S6, S7, and S8 are the same chip despite having other names. Even though the S6 improved performance by 20% compared to the Series 5, the S7 and S8 didn’t show any significant improvements based on teardowns and Apple’s lack of mention. The S9 may change this trend with increased performance and potentially adding a Neural Engine built into the chip.

2. Design

Apple released the Apple Watch Ultra last year, boasting a rugged design, flat edges, and a slightly larger display than the Apple Watch Series 8. Rumors of a flat design had been circulating since Series 7, making it possible that Series 9 may follow a similar format. One possible feature the Series 9 may borrow from the Ultra is the Action button, a second physical button opposite the Digital Crown that triggers specific tasks like a stopwatch or workout. However, recent rumors suggest that the Series 9 may only have a minor upgrade with a chip improvement.

3. Dual-Frequency GPS

Like the iPhone 14 Pro, the Apple Watch Ultra included the L5 band in its GPS for faster and more precise location tracking alongside the standard L1. Even in busy city areas, the L5 band is useful, not just for hiking in steep terrain. Apple has a history of introducing new features on high-end models and later adding them to lower-end models, and they may do the same with the L5 band.

4. MicroLED display

The Apple Watch Series 7 made significant strides in the right direction for wearable displays in 2021. Compared to the Series 6, the bezels were noticeably thinner, and the display was larger. However, the Series 8’s display was nearly identical to previous models, except for new Watch faces.

The Always-On Retina display on the Series 8 has a dust and crack-resistant screen, performing well in bright outdoor conditions. Unfortunately, there have been no leaks about the Series 9’s display yet, so we can only speculate. Although a miniLED display (found in MacBooks and iPad Pros) would be ideal, it’s uncertain if the technology will be included in the Series 9. It would be exciting to see a significant display upgrade on the Series 9, as the Series 8 didn’t offer much in this category.

5. 5G

Currently, Apple Watches do not support 5G connectivity, and even the high-end Apple Watch Ultra only has 4G LTE. As the Apple Watch becomes increasingly independent, having the fastest available connection would be beneficial. Although there may be challenges, Apple has a track record of solving problems like this.

6. Series 9 Battery

Apple needs to address the battery life of its watches. While the Apple Watch Ultra has a larger battery, not everyone wants a bulky device to wear all day and night. The Series 8 offers up to 18 hours of battery life, but similar devices on the market have better battery life. We hope the Series 9 will improve in this area, but if not, the watch charges relatively quickly. It can charge from 0 to 80 percent in about 45 minutes, and even if the charging speed remains the same as the Series 9, it’s still decent.

7. New Health and Fitness Features

Apple Watch Series 9

Apple has been developing a method to monitor glucose levels without additional equipment for years. According to a recent report, a secret team at Apple has achieved several significant milestones in the project, and the feature is currently in the proof-of-concept phase. However, it is improbable that the feature will be included in this year’s watch, and it may take several more years to develop.

Aside from glucose monitoring, other sensors that may be added to the watch include an electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor for measuring stress levels and a bioimpedance sensor for measuring body composition.

Apple Watch Series 9 release date

Apple Watch Series 9

There’s no solid information on when the Apple Watch Series 9 will be released. However, based on Apple’s past release patterns, it’s likely that the premium smartwatch will be unveiled in September of next year alongside the iPhone 15 series.

What will the Apple Watch Series 9 price be?

Apple has been consistent with the pricing of its Apple Watch Series models, with each model since the Series 3 priced at $399. The mainline product’s price has remained the same despite introducing a more expensive Ultra model and a cheaper SE alternative last year. So while a price increase for the Series 9 wouldn’t be unprecedented, history suggests we shouldn’t be too worried about it.


In conclusion, the Apple Watch Series 9 is still unannounced, and any information about its features is based on speculation and rumors. However, based on past release patterns and customer demand, we can expect the Series 9 to include improvements in battery life, health, and fitness features, design updates, a faster processor, connectivity improvements, and new watchOS features. It remains to be seen which features will be included in Series 9, and we’ll have to wait for an official announcement from Apple to know for sure.

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