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Whether you find yourself in need of making a decision or simply trying to select a random number, there are numerous reasons why you might seek a quick and effortless way to obtain a random number online, and thankfully, there are free options available. Online random number generators offer a valuable solution, facilitating the creation of random numbers in an instant.

Whether you require these random numbers for recreational purposes or professional applications, utilizing random generator apps can be an excellent choice. In this article, we will explore the finest random number generator options to assist you in your quest for randomness.

Top Best Random Number Generators

1. random number generator

At the top of the list is’s Random Number Generator. It offers solid options for generating large numbers and provides two choices of generators, making it an excellent option for your needs. offers two versions of its random number generator. The first version is straightforward: you specify a range, like 1 to 100, and the webpage generates a random number within that range. Alternatively, there’s a comprehensive version where you can get more accurate random numbers with long trailing decimals instead of just whole numbers.

2. is a great option if you desire extensive customization possibilities.

Once you request numbers from this webpage, it generates them in a quick loop. However, you have the flexibility to adjust the looping speed according to your preference – whether you want it to be slower, faster, or not loop at all.

While the random number generator only accepts whole numbers, it excels at generating vast quantities of numbers rapidly. If this aligns with your requirements, then is an excellent choice.



RANDOM.ORG is one of the simplest random number generators to use. You just need to input the minimum and maximum numbers, and it will generate random numbers for you.

According to the homepage, the randomness in the results comes from atmospheric noise, making their system superior to the typical algorithms used by other random number generators that create pseudo-random numbers. It’s easy to use – you can select whole numbers and a range, and it will generate a random number within that range for you.

4. Random Result

Random Result

When you want to pick random numbers for fun or a commercial raffle and need proof of their randomness, you can rely on Random Result. It’s a straightforward random number picker offering various options. You can pick a number between 1 and 10, between 1 and 3, or a random number between 1 and 100.

The platform allows you to specify the number of random numbers you want within your chosen range. Once selected, you can save and obtain the ticket for the draw, which includes additional details like the exact time and IP of the draw. If desired, you can also password-protect the ticket for added security.

5. Random Number Generator

Random Number Generator

Next on the list is the Random Number Generator. It’s an excellent choice if you want to generate multiple random numbers at the same time. The tool itself is quite simple – you pick two whole values, and it generates a random number in between them.

However, what makes it more versatile is the ability to set up multiple random number generators in the table below.

By default, it provides variables such as random numbers between 1-100, 1-1000, and so on. But you can customize them to generate any set of numbers you need, allowing you to generate a bunch of random numbers simultaneously.

6. Number Generator

Number Generator

If you need random numbers but want to apply specific filters to the results, the random number picker from Number Generator is the ideal solution for you. It operates similarly to other popular number generators but offers many additional features, such as quickly rolling through numbers, generating only odds, or sorting the generated numbers.

What sets this platform apart is its ability to let you define certain filters. For instance, if you want to exclude all threes, you can filter them out easily.

The standout feature of Number Generator is its flexibility in defining filters – you can choose to ignore specific numbers, like twos, with ease. There’s a wide range of possibilities you can explore with this tool.

7. GIGAcalculator Random Number Generator

GIGAcalculator Random Number Generator

If you need a simple random number generator to embed in a webpage, consider GIGAcalculator’s Random Number Generator. It offers basic options like setting a range between two whole numbers and specifying the number of numbers to generate.

Once generated, you can easily copy the results to your clipboard or even embed the entire random number generator on a website if you prefer. It’s a user-friendly alternative to using the RANDBETWEEN function in Excel.

8. Touchpoint


Touchpoint’s random number generator enables you to swiftly create number sequences within a specified range. These random numbers have various applications, including PIN creation, game development, giveaways, sweepstakes, and more. After generating your list of random numbers, you can conveniently export it as .CSV or .TXT, obtain a share link, or manually copy the results.

9. Stat Trek Random Number Generator

Stat Trek Random Number Generator

If you need to generate a large number of numbers for statistical purposes or similar tasks, Stat Trek is an excellent choice. Its random number generator operates like others but on a much larger scale.

You can generate thousands of random numbers, both in terms of quantity and individual values. The numbers are presented in a massive grid, making it easy to view or use them elsewhere. This tool is perfect for tackling large-scale problems.

10. Math Goodies Official Random Number Generator

Math Goodies Official Random Number Generator

For a fast and straightforward solution, Math Goodies is an excellent choice. It offers a quick number without unnecessary complexities that may be present in other random number generators. Just specify your range using two whole numbers, click generate, and you’re all set. Math Goodies’ Official Random Number Generator is designed to provide you with a number quickly and efficiently, making it perfect for those who need a quick result.


In conclusion, random number generators are valuable tools that cater to various needs across different fields. Whether you’re running a raffle, conducting statistical analysis, or simply seeking a quick number for your project, these generators offer convenience, efficiency, and flexibility. Having the list of the top 10 random number generators gives you a clear idea of what to expect from a typical random number picker.

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