How Mobile Technologies Helps to Fight Against Coronavirus Outbreaks?

Have you ever wondered how technology has evolved our lives? Like all the other fields, technology and medicine also have a great connection. Mobile technologies also facilitate us in many ways. People are doing their business through mobile phones. E-commerce becomes more common after the advancement in mobile technologies.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the whole world in this era, technology has played a significant role. Now you don’t need to travel to a doctor’s clinic to get a consultation or visit the pharmacy to get your medications. Instead, life is so easy now that you can do whatever you want with just one click. You can consult doctors online, order medicines online, get lab testing services at your home, and many more things. You can give the blood and other samples to the best labs in Lahore by availing of their pick-up from home services.

Technology In Health And COVID-19 Pandemic

After the outbreak of coronavirus, technology and health collectively played vital roles to facilitate the human race. The primary purpose of using technology is to save time, money, improve efficiency and efficacy, and help in maintaining social distancing.

Here are some of the mobile technologies that help and will help in the war against coronavirus outbreaks;

Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is the process of identifying all individuals that a COVID-19 patient has come in contact with in the last two weeks. With the help of mobile technologies, this process can be done to track the virus’s spread and break the chain. The contact tracing apps will help public health trace the coronavirus patient’s contact history and much other information.

QR codes and Digital Immunity Passports

For fighting the war against coronavirus, another tool given by mobile technologies is the Quick Response (QR) code, which helps read a specific individual’s principle. For example, this technology tracks the presence of a particular person in a specific place and supports contact tracing technology.

On the other hand, these QR codes can be used as digital passports, showing that the person is symptom-free or approved to travel or work.

Many countries like New Zealand and Singapore are already using this technology. And this mobile technology can help the world to fight with coronavirus pandemic.

Health Screening and Monitoring

Mobile technologies also develop apps and devices that help screen, monitor, and alert related to coronavirus infection and symptoms. These mobile technologies are connected to wearable devices. The data is continuously evaluated by the experts and helps in monitoring the patients and their symptoms.

Database Related technologies

Many mobile apps are developed that help maintain the data related to coronavirus. The data related to the spread and symptoms of coronavirus help treat its symptoms and check the efficacy of the vaccines that are now used worldwide.

Online Doctors

Mobile technologies also have one of its use as different apps that can connect you with your doctors. You can consult your doctors without going to a doctor’s clinic. This helps in promoting social distancing and straightening the curve of the coronavirus spread in the population. Doctors worldwide are registered in these online clinics, and you can consult them through your mobiles.

Online Pharmacies

Like doctor’s online consultation, you can also consult the pharmacists through your mobile phone. Different mobile apps are helping people to online order medicines and other medical supplies at their doorsteps. This facility is also a blessing of mobile technologies.

Online Lab Testing Facilities

You can also give your samples for different diagnostic tests. Laboratories are providing their services online and send expert individuals to your home to collect the samples. After performing the tests, the diagnostic results are uploaded to your profile on the app. You can check your reports on the mobile apps and send them to your doctor also very quickly.

Living in this era is accessible and critical at the same time. You can avail of these services while sitting in your home. Mobile technologies are advancing day by day and helping the experts to fight the war against coronavirus. This war is not related to the weapons. Instead, it is a technology-related war. Countries and governments which accept these technologies as early as possible will survive in this world!

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