How COVID-19 Surge Transformed Businesses to Remote Operations?

The results of the coronavirus are unimaginable and are felt throughout the globe. The workplace is profoundly affected by this pandemic. Alongside the risk to health and well-being, the disruption to the social and economic system threatens millions’ future livelihoods and safety. The pandemic is affecting economics, labor markets, companies, and supply chains across the globe, leading to widespread disruptions in business.

The COVID-19 pandemic has spotlighted human resource experts who have been forced to swiftly change employees’ work hours to home (WFH) while also ensuring the safety of employees while some are working on company premises. In addition, research shows that the pandemic has contributed to a 20% increase in internet usage.

The new working conditions are likely to persist, even as companies experiment with ways to reopen. Both employers and employees may consider that returning to work is not a good idea or be confronted with external obstacles like finding the right childcare. Many companies allow employees who have proven they can work effectively at home and continue to do it.

The conversation to remote working

The pandemic triggered a significant business disruption—companies needed to make rapid decisions to ensure that funds flowed in without risking their employees or customers. But, the transition into working at home was quite simple for many businesses. The majority of companies were equipped to easily transition, while those that weren’t ready had no problem adjusting.

Impact of remote working on businesses

Diminished Employee Visibility

Some employees may be reluctant to accept a remote job because of the lack of visibility within the company. In addition, they might feel that the lack of interaction with their boss or other company leaders could make it harder to get promotions or other growth opportunities.

Lack of focus

While workers are sure to encounter everyday distractions in their workplaces, there is a chance that they have additional distractions in their homes: pets, spouses, children as well as the most recent Netflix trend, and more. Every home’s workspace is unique, and so is its capacity to eliminate distracting factors. However, if an employee continuously displays an absence of focus or commitment, they might not be suitable for working remotely.

Reduced performance

When employees work in the office, managers have a closer eye on their performance. And when productivity starts to lack, they tighten up employees’ schedules and use tactics to ensure it stays right on track. But with remote working, the whole situation changes, and employers are unable to control anything.

Instability between work and personal life

At first, maybe a home office makes it more convenient for workers to maintain a healthy balance between work and family. However, some argue that having no distinct physical area between employees’ work and where they spend their time off can make it harder for employees to disconnect. And not be focused on their work, and relax and enjoy the time off from work.

How can businesses control this situation efficiently

The only thing that is helping companies to survive in such a dreadful situation is the online tools. Such as Microsoft Office, Zoom, and employee monitoring applications that employees use to connect daily.

They discuss projects through zoom video calls, share their files through Gmail, and more. However, the problem of efficient working while staying at home miles away from employers remains still. We will tell you how you can resolve this issue without disturbing your employees’ work.

You can use the best app to monitor remote employees to ensure that your business grows and employees stay focused on work during office hours. In addition, you, as a manager, can constantly be in touch with your worker’s project updates and identify whose cutting slack.

Employee monitoring app

Employee monitoring applications had gained popularity the most during the pandemic when businesses started working from home. That’s when business owners started using it the most, and we’ll tell you why.

Remote employee monitoring tools allow you to have the same level of involvement with workers in the office. You can find suitable monitoring applications that suit your business requirement, but you’ll get confused with the number of options available in the market. That’s why we, as experts, suggest you go with TheWiSpy.

TheWiSpy monitoring app

TheWiSpy is the best app to monitor remote employees in detail, unlike other spyware’s reporting updates. In addition, you will get standard features to monitor and control the ongoing activities on your employee’s work devices.

For example, you’ll get features like the app to record phone calls, email spy, social media monitoring, GPS tracking, surround recording, and more. In addition, you can track the live locations of the android phones remotely in seconds. It will quickly get installed on the phone, and you won’t require any rooting to use the advanced functions.

How does it work remotely?

There are two main modules of TheWiSpy, the mobile app and the web interface. The software is installed in the employee’s device, and the web interface or dashboard is for the user. When you install the app on the phone, it gets all the permissions to access stored data or apps.

You will get the features on the dashboard to use them and fetch information on the phone. So, you’ll command through the online portal, and the TWS app will start monitoring then send you the outcome. So, it’s pretty simple to understand the working of TheWiSpy once you get the purpose of each feature.

Remote tracking features

TheWiSpy offers three price plans that include different features, so people don’t have to waste money. We will discuss some of the few vital features provided by TheWiSpy to help you manage your employee working remotely.

Call tracking

You can conveniently track the calls of your employees. It includes voicemails, calls log history, missed calls, and more. You can get notification alerts for specific numbers, so when that number reaches you’ll be notified. TWS app to record phone calls without any distortion and with quality. It allows you to block contacts remotely.

Text message tracking

TheWiSpy offers a notable feature so you can spy text messages and read even deleted messages. For example, you can ensure that your employees aren’t chatting on the phone for hours during office timing. TWS will let you read conversations, view the sender’s information, and block any contact.

Location tracking

Track live locations of android of your employees using TheWiSpy. In less than a minute, you’ll get the actual time site of your employee when you’ll notice the app. So stop worrying about your employees doing house chores when they should be working. You can track live locations of android whenever you want and know where they’re even when you’re not around.

Email tracking

Email tracking is essential for employee monitoring app because it is the primary source of communication among co-workers. You can use this feature to identify what files are being transferred during office hours and ensuring no one is misusing company private information. In addition, you can check the email sender, multimedia files attached to it, and more.

Remote controls

TheWiSpy offers remote controls for spying and controlling the employees’ digital activity simultaneously during office timing. For example, surround recording that allows you to record live conversations through the microphone of the phone.

Then camera spy that clicks pictures through the mobile’s camera remotely. Apart from that, you can delete the file, fetch the file, change the mobile setting, block the website, uninstall the application, and much more. You will get all this within a single app so you can ensure that your business isn’t falling apart just because of remote work.


After suffering from a common problem across the globe, there isn’t a doubt that COVID-19 has caused a massive change in the business world. Where remote working was the only option for offices, advanced technology came to the rescue.

People started using the internet and different applications to communicate and work things out. And employee monitoring tools increased in demand overnight. As a result, it has reduced problems within businesses and help to improve the performance of employees.

You can see small to big corporations; everyone is using monitoring apps even after the pandemic. That’s because employers still need to identify who is betraying them when they’re on business trips. No matter how big the problem gets, this pandemic has taught us to get back on our feet quickly.

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