What is a Home Automation System and Do You Really Need It?

What is a home automation system? This is a very common question that lots of people are asking nowadays. Not because they’re unaware about home automation as such.

Instead, they wish to know what a home automation system actually does and its benefits.

Therefore, in this article, I will discuss what a home automation system is and how they work. And I will also be discussing whether or not you really need it.

That should help solve your doubts about home automation systems and your personal requirements for one.

Understanding Home Automation

Actually, many people misunderstand that home automation is something very new. Indeed, it’s not.

The first step towards home automation was these simple remote controls for our TV, air conditioner, music player, or radio. As a matter of fact, these still count today as home automation products.

However, during our times, home automation assumes an entirely new meaning. Home automation gives us the comfort of controlling various electronics and home appliances by leveraging the power of the Internet and suitably designed products.

That means we can control any home appliance or electronic item at our home- or office- by simply using a smartphone connected to the Internet. But, of course, these appliances also need to be connected to the Internet through what’s known as a hub.

While traditional remote controls have a short range-say five meters to 10 meters only, home automation allows you to control electronics and home appliances from anywhere in the world if you’re connected to the Internet.

Using home automation, you can switch on or switch off and even control appliances such as TV, music player, heater, control the temperature of your refrigerator or air conditioner or even switch on or switch off lights or dim them if you wish.

In some cases, you can also use home automation to know when you stored certain foods in your fridge and know whether it’s still fit for consumption.

As a matter of fact, almost every electronic device and home appliance can be controlled fully using home automation from your mobile phone, laptop or computer, as long as they’re all connected to the Internet.

A home with most appliances and lighting that can be controlled using the Internet is called a smart home.

Do You Need Home Automation?

This brings us to the vital question: do you really need home automation? Actually, everyone nowadays needs home automation, if you ask me. And there’re several reasons why I say so. So continue reading as I will now explain why we require home automation.

Home Automation Saves Energy

The facility to control electronics and home appliances from our office or any remote location provides us with ample opportunities to save energy.

For example, you can switch off any lights or that air conditioner you left while leaving the house. And you can switch them on just before entering the house so that you have enough light and comfort when you step indoors.

At the same time, you can also send oral commands through Alexa and Siri and other such resources to switch on, off, or regulate the devices at your home only when necessary.

This can result in significant power savings for you and help check the denigration of the environment due to massive power consumption and its negative fallouts.

Helps Persons with Disabilities

Nowadays, devices such as Alexa, Siri, and Dot also help persons with disabilities control various appliances at their homes without leaving their bed or wheelchair.

All they have to do is give a voice command to the appropriate device. This command goes through the Internet and carries out the necessary function.

As a matter of fact, home automation makes life easier for persons with disabilities and affords them a certain level of safety.

They needn’t touch electrical appliances or connections since home automation will take care of all their tasks.

Better Life for Senior Citizens

Home automation also helps senior citizens to lead better lives. Often, senior citizens tend to be forgetful and could leave some electronic device or home appliance running when necessary.

Home automation can actually command the systems when to switch it off or switch on something.

Senior citizens needn’t walk to other rooms to control any appliances. Instead, they can do so from where they’re, such as in front of a fireplace or a TV.

This helps them to enjoy life better. And if they go outdoors, they can always control these appliances and lighting through smartphones.

Safety for Kids

With home automation and a smart home, you can be assured that your kids don’t go about watching TV during their study time or playtime.

You can control a TV set from any location. And at the same time, prevent your children from touching any switches that might inadvertently cause accidental electrical shocks.

You can also heat food in the microwave if you leave it in before going outdoors- for your children. This eliminates the need for them to operate the microwave or any other electrical appliance.

And you can also control the amount of lighting that kids use. As any parent will testify, kids tend to be reckless when switching off electrical bulbs and lights. Home automation can do this for you, even if you’re not at home.

Additionally, home automation allows you to monitor the house when you’re away. This can be done through remote cameras with live feeds to your mobile phone or computer.


While I believe that home automation is necessary for every household, there’s something else to consider as well. And that’s the cost. Home automation doesn’t come cheap. The latest fridge that allows home automation will set you back by a few hundred dollars.

There are some best home automation companies in India that take care of your pocket and provide quality service too. But, still, Making your home a brilliant home can prove rather expensive.

However, you can start with home automation by automating only select appliances and certain lighting. There’s no need to go all out for a smart home.

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