Top 5 AI-Powered Tools To Remove Background From Image

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner, choosing the best background eraser can enable you to add a variety of components to your basic background, transforming your photos into works of art. If you’re searching for a tool to remove background from an image, we’ve compiled a list of the best background removal software to make the process of editing photos more enjoyable.

1. TopMediAi – Free to remove background online

TopMediAi is one of the best AI-powered background removal. Using this free internet tool, you may also delete the background from videos and photos. Your data will be handled instantly after you upload it. This tool ensures the best results for users looking for a reliable background removal tool.


No specialized knowledge or expensive software is required to create an ideal image clip. Instead, simply the image and the software will use extensive systems to erase the background instantly.

You can accomplish much more with this tool than merely editing the background of an image. You can utilize extensive frameworks, elements, filters, and animation to create incredible visuals.

How to use it

  • Upload your Picture: Visit the official website of TopMediAi BG Eraser and upload your Picture; it will allow you to import images from your computer or mobile.
  • Click on AI Removal: Click on the “Remove Background” to let the AI do its magic. This tool will instantly remove the background of the image.
  • Export the photo: Click on the “Export” button; it’s free to save the edited image on your device.

2. – Remove background instantly

Using AI systems, the free app lets you delete the background from images in no time. No work or app download is required on your side.

When you upload a photo to the site, it automatically identifies the elements and gives you clean, crisp, and beautiful cutout edges. Even more, than a hundred photographs can be processed in a single upload.


This photo editor is full of tens of editing features to offer you a great user experience. For example, after removing the background, you can change the file size, edit the position of the image, add text or incorporate another environment.

How to use it

  • Upload a photo: Visit the website and upload the picture you want to edit. You can even put the URL of an image.
  • Click on Remove Background: After uploading your image, click on the “Remove Background” button. It may take a couple of seconds to edit your image.
  • Export / Download: You can download the image soon after the completion of editing. This background removal tool allows you free download up to 0.25 Megapixels images. For the images with more sizes, you will need the paid option.

3. PhotoRoom – Remove background automatically and create professional images

You may delete the backgrounds of images on your computer and mobile device using Photoroom, an online background removal full of advanced features. This tool adds a magic touch to your photos to make them look more professional. It is also available for iOS and Android users to offer a great editing experience to everyone.


How to use it

  • Upload a Photo: Visit the official website and upload your photo, which you have to edit.
  • Select a model: This tool offers you more than 1000 designs for the background. First, select the background which you want to add.
  • Edit the Image: You can also edit the image to make it look perfect. For example, add the effects, apply the filters or add some text.
  • Export: After completing the editing, you can download the image to your device.

4. – Remove background from image easily

This is also one of the best tools to remove the background of your image. You can quickly see a glimpse of the outcome by choosing download, and then you can save it to your desktop.


It may remove the background from various images, including those of individuals, objects, creatures, and graphics, enabling you to make a fresh, personalized style. Another benefit is the compatibility of Remove bg with other products like Photoshop and Visual Studio Code.

How to use it

  • Select an image: Upload a picture you want to edit or use the simple drag and drop option to upload it.
  • Click on Remove background: After the upload, click on the button “Remove Background” to let this tool erase the background of your image.
  • Download: Export the final image to your device.

5. Canva – Well-known designing tool

Canva is a well-known platform that is incredibly simple to use, particularly for those who lack design expertise. Their built-in features and components make things much easier to create something aesthetically pleasing. For the most part, it’s free. However, you need to be a Premium member to erase the background.


How to use it

  • Upload the Image: Select the image from your device and upload it
  • Go to Effects: After the upload, click on the Effects button.
  • Choose Background Remover: Click on the “Background Remover” tab to erase the background.


Online background removal application saves time and ensures more simplicity. There is no setup necessary, and all services are simple to use. TopMediAi background remover would be a perfect tool to remove background from an image.

In addition to the rapid and simple editing tools, its elegant UI makes it the best option. So if you want to get good images, analyze numerous pictures at once, or edit and use the processed images for professional purposes, you should go for it.

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